Horse Slaughter Stop Sign decal sticker.

12 Ways to Display Your Horse Slaughter Stop Sign Decal

Updated 1:45 pm.

Horse Slaughter Stop Sign Decal Sticker.
3″ x 3″. $6.99 including x&h. Click Image to Order.


1. The first and most obvious is the windscreen of your car.

2. Don’t have a car? How about a window of your home where it can be seen by passers by. They are easily removable. Learn more here.

3. We have reports of seeing these decals on bicycles and motorbikes.

4. A member of our staff has one on her metal lunchbox. She commutes and has been drawn into dozens of conversations.

5. Another team member has it on his laptop. He has been asked about horse slaughter at the library, in coffee shops and at lunch. They would work on notebooks too.

6. Garage door. Yes, we have a follower who has it on his garage door (and car).

7. How about your mailbox? If it is metal with a smooth finish it will work there. Another of our team who lives on a well-traveled country road who mailbox its at the edge of the road got two stickers and put one on either side so she catches traffic both ways!

8. Imagine a horse slaughter sticker on the back of your horse trailer.

9. How about on the cover of a notebook or a journal that you carry around with you.

10. Another good place as a reminder and a warning about horse slaughter is the refrigerator at your barn or riding school.

11. One of our members who works at a large office with lots of foot traffic. She bought a very large coffee mug and stuck a decal in the middle of it. Loads of people see it every day. She also keeps copies of a horse slaughter fact sheet in her desk for those who stop and ask her about it.

12. A member bought several stickers and says they work great on shopping bags with a smooth, coated finish and says she gets lots of stares — at the bags, not her!

Another enterprising individual went to a popular local feed store in his area and asked if he could put a stop horse slaughter decal on the store’s window outside. He was surprised when the owner said . . . heck yeah. You never know until you ask.

Order your sticker today. Allow 5-7 days for delivery. Visit The Horse Fund website for further details and application instructions.

There must be dozens of other ideas. Please share yours with us. And please send pictures.


Still think you have no place for a Stop Horse Slaughter sticker?

Save the image and use it across the internet to raise awareness (see below, click to enlarge). We have it as our profile picture on our Facebook page (

Created by Vivian Grant Farrell. (c) The Horse Fund.

Thank you for loving horses, hating slaughter and continuing to raise awareness.


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  • 1 thought on “12 Ways to Display Your Horse Slaughter Stop Sign Decal”

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’ll put one on my work laptop that I carry around when I travel to visit customers and during internal meetings. That should stir up some conversation.


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