Death at a Party: 30,000 Witness Two Kills at Saratoga


I was at Saratoga Race Course yesterday – along with 40 or so other activists. We were there, of course, to protest the systemic abuse and killing of horses for entertainment. On this gorgeous upstate-NY summer day, 30,000 souls merrily marched through the front gates, anticipating a social scene practically unrivaled on the East Coast.

Sure, Saratoga beckons the hardened “players,” but it also attracts the kinds of demographics you won’t find at America’s more pedestrian (read: cheaper) racetracks – middle-class families, sunscreen and coolers in tow; the upper crusts, styling young and gaudy old alike. And yes, there were limos.

So, with signs hoisted, we dutifully (and respectfully) offered knowledge – flyers containing the facts and figures of this site, the irrefutable truth on Racing. Some took them, most did not; a great many, in fact, were confrontational, even downright nasty:

    “Get a job.”
    “Get a life.”
    “Don’t you have something better to do?”
    “Why don’t you spend your time worrying about humans?”
    “You’re idiots; those horses are treated better than people.”
    “We’re going to have a lot of fun in there!”
    “Can’t wait to win some money!”
    “Yeah, I bet you’re voting for Hillary too.”
    One, to a friend (in a threatening tone): “Better keep me away from them.”
    “You people make me sick.”

And, my personal favorite: “You’re obscene.”

Yes, it is we, the advocates speaking in behalf of innocent, defenseless animals, who are the obscene ones.

And so it was with this backdrop that those KIA [killed in action] lists we were disseminating prior to had, by day’s end, grown just a bit longer. Dead: 3-year-old Zamjara in the 1st, 4-year-old Rootformejustin in the 5th.

The party, alas, had been marred – if only a tad, if only for a day.

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    Starting Gate Saratoga Racecourse.

    6 thoughts on “Death at a Party: 30,000 Witness Two Kills at Saratoga”

    1. Horse racing doesn’t qualify as a “sport.”
      It does, however, qualify as a cruelty circus, and death camp.
      My heart goes out to all the racehorses that have lost their lives on all racetracks.
      Gratitude to all the peaceful demonstrators who are a voice for the voiceless as they die in the dirt for $2 bets.

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    2. Always made me sick…& shaky with disgust (rage) to see the spectators out for a party. Huge hats, games, laughter, drinking…drinking…proud in their “elitism.”
      Cheering! As our horses, some knowingly not fit to race, pull out of the gates.
      Cheering! Watching all the race horses in a “game” of death, in this brutal “sport.” Then heads turn away as the horse goes down.
      To me, no different than horse tripping, horse fighting, bulls &/or dogs, humans, gouging horse’s bellies …all for “entertainment.”
      Oh, the joy to see such a majestic, sentient being suffer! Fear. Agony. Death.
      We do NOT live in a civilized society.

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    3. It’s a damn shame the turn out, especially in light of the victims who lost their lives, for the pleasure of others. I’m not surprised one bit at the reactions, ignorance and hostility of some people — some who unfortunately we cannot reach with our message of compassion.


    4. Sadly you could put a horse in front of them that is being PTS due to racing and they’d say Oh how sad and then onto the next. It is heart breaking as they are the ones with the blinders on

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