Desatoya Wild Horses in short term holding after being rounded up by the BLM.

Fattening up wild horses for slaughter

“BLM’s got those wild horses as fat as butterballs–all paid for with taxpayer dollars,” explained an anonymous source. “That way they always have buyers wanting them by the truckload.”

This statement was reported by Protect Mustangs here.

For those of you who questioned them, perhaps you understand the strong words I used in this post from last month “Branded. Liars and Killers. The BLM and Its Political Allies” better.


Will you take a minute to sign this Petition?

I signed it. And here is the comment I made:

These are heinous crimes, breaking federal law, which would usually result in a long prison sentence. These BLM employees and the people they are trading with are making money off killing a federally protected species and go unpunished. They are subjecting America’s wild horses to the horrors of the brutality of being killed for their meat. This has been going on during Obama’s entire Administration and will always be part of his legacy in the minds of many, many people who love our iconic Mustangs. He can change that now. But is he good enough, just enough, compassionate enough? I wonder. Do the right thing Mr. President and get this stopped now.

How do you like it that these deathly dealings are being paid for from the taxes taken out of your paycheck every pay period?

Isn’t it mind boggling to you that these criminals participating in the bloody destruction of an American icon are being protected and the Mustangs who are safeguarded by federal law are not?

Sign and share this petition widely. You are a voice for the innocent and voiceless wild horses and burros. They need you to protect them.


Support Protect Mustangs.

Desatoya wild horses on day 5 of their roundup, in short term holding awaiting “processing” by the rogue federal agency BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Source:

Last Chance Mustang by Mitchell Bornstein.

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  1. I have been trying to see your intentions as being helpful. But I have failed.

    Put aside your attack on our integrity and your obvious disapproval of Anne Novak’s activities for the moment. are careful to verify petition content so you are maligning their integrity as well. Not a good idea.

    Please, everyone, you can sign this Petition in confidence.

    We normally do not block people from commenting. But we do not allow libelous or potentially libelous conduct. See

    We would very much appreciate it if you would choose not to return here. Thank you.

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