Image from 2015 HSUS Horse Soring Investigation.

Horse Soring — Protest Big Lick horse cruelty at Celebration today and tomorrow

Clant Seay relates the following:

Tonight is HUGE.

The attendance at this year’s Big Lick animal cruelty showcase — The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration — is way down.

I talked to a person parking the cars who has worked there for years, and i asked her WHY.

Her exact quote: “It’s going down quick. It’s because of the soring and the Protesters.”

It is imperative that everyone show up tonight.

Please text me ASAP [see end of post] and let me know you are coming. Please text me WHEN you get on the road.

For those who would like, please meet at 4:00 p.m. in Murfreesboro to go to Shelbyville. Please be at the Tractor Supply Parking Lot next to Sam’s Club at 136 John Rice Road. It’s right off the Highway 96 Exit on the west side of I-24.

In my opinion we have gotten inside their heads by protesting, and it is having a huge effect.

They are vulnerable. We simply must have a good showing tonight.

Please make this possible.

I have T shirts for anyone you bring with you.

Email Clant at to get his phone number and let him know you will be there.

9 thoughts on “Horse Soring — Protest Big Lick horse cruelty at Celebration today and tomorrow”

  1. Please be informed before you do stuff like this. I have proudly owned and shown Tennessee walking horses since I was a kid. Please know these horses are well taken care of. Yes, in years past soring has been an issue but these issues have been resolved. Every horse that enters in the ring at the Celebration goes through extensive inspection to make sure he is no way in pain. I showed at the Celebration through the 10 days and my horses passed everytime. He is a 9 time world champion and 3 time world grand champion. I assure you these horses are healthy and happy and not in pain. Please get your information right before trying to ruin the lives of others when you have no clue what’s going on except what has been spoon fed to you.


    1. You presume much madam about our understanding and intent. Spoon fed indeed. The facts are crystal clear. This has been an animal cruelty issue for decades. What a shameful comment to leave, defending the monstrous abuses associated with the Big Lick.

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    2. Sorry, but I must disagree, the issues have not been resolved. Of the 200 random samples taken by the USDA at the 2015 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, 175 tested positive for illegal foreign substances used to “sore” horses or temporarily numb them to mask their pain during inspection. How is this not abuse? Perhaps you don’t do it, but others obviously do.


  2. I can’t be there since I live in Ohio, but I am with you in spirit. Thank you for standing up FOR the horses! You are true heroes. Let the Big Lick die in the dirt and become extinct.


  3. I Googled the Celebration and landed on a page where Google asks you to leave a review. I left one alright. You can too. It’s especially easy if you have a gmail address.

    Because the string was so long I plugged it into Google shortener. Here it is.

    Give it a go and support those protesters out there. I will put this on our Facebook page too. Thanks everyone!


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