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Revenues from Premarin family of drugs falls 3% in 2016


With a fall in prescriptions and market growth, revenues of the Premarin family of drugs have fallen 3% in 2016.

So what does a 3% loss in the Premarin family of drugs represent?

In 2015, as well as several years previously, these drugs netted about a billion US dollars. The question now is whether this is significant.

Looking at the trend in sales figures since 2013 perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel for the horses, albeit a distant and perhaps faint hope.

There has been a steady decrease in sales between 2013 and 2015 and now revenues are down another 3% in the current year.


A 3% decrease in revenues from 2015 represents an estimated profit margin for the Premarin family of about 987 million USD for 2016. When compared to 2013 this is a decline of approximately 9.6% in revenues or in dollar amounts 105 million USD.

Of their total revenue (~ 49 billion USD in 2015) this may not seem like a lot but it is an encouraging trend that we hope means that both women and their physicians are paying heed to the dangers of equine-derived HRT and prescribing alternatives, despite Pfizer’s aggressive ads promoting it.

What we don’t know is how large the drop in prescriptions really is. The revenues we see are of course dependent on the price of these drugs. If the costs have increased this means that prescriptions have declined even more so relative to 2013. The alternative of lower pricing options makes it more difficult to assess.

The saving factor here may be that we all know that Big Pharma is a money-making machine and trimming profits are not in their best interest.

Whatever the case, let’s hope this trend continues.

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5 thoughts on “Revenues from Premarin family of drugs falls 3% in 2016”

  1. Thank you, Jane, for your research. Yes, mares endure incredible discomfort with not enough water for their 11 months of pregnancy and being essentially restrained. The foals are sold to slaughter at 6 months or cast off. Some rescues specialize in new born foals who can be adopted; but there are too many of them. In the meantime, I know two women who took Premarin quite a while ago. One got breast cancer another got uterine cancer. Doctors took both off their prescriptions. Creams etc aren’t good either and horrific for mares and foals.

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  2. Thank you, Jane for sharing this information. An encouraging trend and here’s hoping it increases for the sake of these hapless horses.

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  3. Premarin has always been the cash cow for Big Pharma! 3%? I would love to see it crash another 97%. For what they do to horses, they should be charged with cruelty and put out of business permanently. There are other alternatives for hot flashes. I share the Premarin scheme with everyone I come into contact with. It is what it is! Horrible to keep a mare pregnant and stabled with a catheter for her entire life. And when they are finished with her…….fill in the blanks. I read that there are no longer any Premarin farms here in the US. Canada has some yet and most have moved to China of all places. Think how these horses fare………

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    1. Correct, none in the US and only a few left in Canada compared to what there used to be. They have, however, increased production in Canada modestly. The China connection is the most troubling, mainly because it is very difficult to garner any valid information aside from speculation based on a single video that came out a few years ago – their capacity (90,000 mares) versus what is actually happening, which at the time was far less than that number. Who knows where they are at now. I have attempted to find credible evidence but have yet to obtain it despite all sorts of tactics without actually travelling there to witness it. And there is no evidence, that we can garner from Pfizer’s SEC filings, to concretely connect them to the China production. Being a communist country, China doesn’t pay heed to the FDA etc. and have their own agenda. Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening but until the truth is uncovered we will never know. ~sigh~

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