Donkeys on a farm owned by the Navarro County Sheriff's Office in Navarro County, Texas on Friday, Sept. 2, 2011. KEVIN MARTIN/

Petition China to stop importing donkeys to use their hides for medicine

Andrew Gregor of Lafayette, California started a Petition

China currently imports tens of thousands of donkeys primarily from African nations in order to slaughter them.

They do this in order to extract gelatin from the donkey hides. Innocent animals are being shipped overseas and butchered in order to produce ejiao, a traditional Chinese medicine with dubious qualities.

Donkeys are extremely sensitive, sentient, animals that suffer horribly at the hands of humans already through overburdening and mistreatment.

Please sign this petition to try to prevent further import of these sweet creatures.

Join Andrew by signing his Petition now.


Although some countries — who rely on donkeys for their day-to-day needs — are already beginning to ban the export of donkeys or donkey hides, other countries are stepping in to take their places in the marketing of donkeys and their skins.

That is why this Petition, to the Chinese government to stop importing donkeys or their hides, is so important.

Let’s keep the pressure up on both the Chinese and the countries participating in this hideous business.

A rubbish collector and his donkey in Timbuktu, Mali. Photograph: Sean Smith for the Guardian. See Africa’s Donkey Population Decimated by Chinese Demand.

7 thoughts on “Petition China to stop importing donkeys to use their hides for medicine”

  1. Donkeys are such beautiful sweet creatures and should not be subjected to this barbaric treatment. There is enough cruely in the world. We must say ‘ NO MORE” .Enough is enough.


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