John Henry statue at Santa Anita Race Park. Unattributed image.

Racing kills Money Makin Mike at Santa Anita

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Thoroughbred Racehorse Dead at Three

Battuello writes:

In the 8th Monday at Santa Anita, Money Makin Mike finished last of 9, 44+ lengths back. Besides the horrible finish, the run, according to Equibase, was uneventful: “battled…dropped back…gave way.” But a reader tipped me off that the 3-year-old collapsed after the wire; the Daily Racing Form went one better – “collapsed and died.”

“Collapsed and died” – at three.

This is horseracing.


John Henry statue at Santa Anita Race Park. Unattributed image.

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  1. The carnage continues unabated….. these deaths are utterly inexcusable and unacceptable in a modern society.


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