ForestBoyz 2017 Calendar Cover

Black Friday Shopping at the Horse Fund

We don’t usually post about such things such as Black Friday but the Horse Fund’s Gift Shop has never looked so good and had such a wide range of beautiful merchandise.

One of our favorite artists is a photographer who goes by LauraZ. She does an exclusive calendar centered on three black Friesian horses, and it is fabulous. Terrific gift idea.

The calendar is 40% off today. Use Code BLACKFRISAVE. Up to 65% on other items. Offer ends midnight California time.


Laura writes:

Caslon Quote Left BlackWhen I discovered the Friesian horse, I couldn’t believe such a magical creature existed. They were like something out of a DaVinci painting, and I knew wanted one in my life. I once heard someone say, “there’s nothing like the heart of a stallion.” Having grown up with the typical stallion stereotypes, that they are mean, aggressive and dangerous, I wondered if this was true? What started as a dream, and a single stallion stallion, evolved into a bachelor herd of three, affectionately known as The Forest Boyz. This little dream took on a life of it’s own and has become so much bigger than I ever imagined.

Meike, Menno and Saphire live free in the forests of the northern California coast. Nothing brings me more joy than giving these three stallions the best life that I possibly can. It is rare to see stallions living together free, in a natural setting. I love discovering who they are, and seeing their individual personalities emerge. I not only discovered there is nothing like the heart of a stallion, I found out there is nothing like being their friend. I never could have imagined their relationships with each other would be so deep and intimate.

I actually consider myself more of an artist than I do a photographer, but I feel caught between the two worlds. I started photographing for reference material for painting, but I can’t seem to find the time to paint… the camera has become my paintbrush. The Boyz inspire me every single day and my passion is to make art with them and offer a glimpse into their world. They truly are good medicine.

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