Custard the foal left motherless by the nurse mare industry is rescued

Via One Green Planet

Caslon Quote Left BlackThanks to the tireless efforts of Edgar’s Mission and the folks at Horse Shepherd Rehabilitation Center, an orphaned foal named Custard has been given a second chance to grow up with a loving mother. For those of you who are meeting Custard for the first time, here is a little background about our hero.

Custard’s mother is a thoroughbred mare who was ripped away from her baby and forced to foster another foal. Custard was only two-and-a-half weeks old when this happened. This is common practice in many facets of the husbandry industry and one that leaves many animals without mothers.

Thankfully Edgar’s Mission took charge of Custard and got in touch with the Horse Shepherd Rehabilitation Center. As luck would have it, the rehabilitation center had a mare who had recently lost her own foal to natural causes. When we left Custard, she was on her way to meet Meg in the hopes that she and her foster mother would accept each other.

See also this uplifting page on which includes Custard’s rescue and six other heartwarming stories. It’s called “Seven Animals Who are Blissful of Anything Outside of Their Happiness Bubble”. Go there now »

Watch the video at One Green Planet to see how Meg and Custard are now fully bonded and as happy as any family can be. Go there now »


Milk of Death: The Dark Side of the Nurse Mare Industry, by Jane Allin.


Custard and Edgars Mission Director Pam Ahern (pictured at top) stepped in to give Custard the reassurance and love she needed until a long-term home could be found for the foal. Thanks to the loving team at Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary, she was able to be bonded with foster mare, Megs, who is now giving her everything she needs to grow into a happy and healthy horse.

4 thoughts on “Custard the foal left motherless by the nurse mare industry is rescued”

  1. I only wish I knew years ago how the horrific treatment of these majestic horses get by the Racing Industry… shame on them and karma to those owners. There’ll get their’s in the end, hopefully sooner then later. :'(


  2. Common practice in the thoroughbred racing industry when the mare of a foal is ill or dies to dispose of a foal of another mare in order to use her. Callous and cruel. An unconscionable act. I recall a top class broodmare who’d been producing successful offspring, she became very ill carrying her last and they kept her alive for some weeks purely to get the foal. She was euthanased on foaling, that’s how sick she was. And of course there was a “Custard” that was immediately disposed of.
    Custard was exceptionally lucky and so happy for her but it’s the unlucky ones whose lives mean nothing to the creeps in the racing breeding industry that enrages me.
    Love the video, thank you!

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