Happy New Year from the Horse Fund

HOUSTON, TEXAS — First of all, we wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We look forward to another phenomenal year with you.

We have a lot of work ahead in 2017 and I know you want to hit the ground running . . . as they say.

To get us started, we will have a year in review the first week or so of 2017 and then discuss the horse protection issues we are working on, where we are on them and where we think we need to go.

2016 was very, very tough for equines, particularly for our wild horses and racehorses.

Stay with us and let’s see how much more we can do together.

Thank you everyone.


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year from the Horse Fund”

  1. Happy New Year to all the horses, and to all the horse lovers all over the world.

    PLEASE sign the DECOUPLING petition found on Grey2K website. There will be a vote in March in Florida to pass DECOUPLING.

    The horse racing industry, headed by Frank Stronach owner of Gulfstream Park, is fighting HARD to NOT PASS this.

    Decoupling will immediately stop all casino funding to racetracks and eliminate the mandatory LIVE RACE meet clause.

    If this passes, then it will not only set a trend for all states, but it will force the closure of this antiquated business model.

    Racetracks can’t survive without outside financing.

    For every racetrack that closes down there will be less racehorses suffering and less dogs as well.

    Florida is the biggest dog racing state in the U.S. this business is the same as horse racing just a different victim.

    So please get your fingers busy for the racehorses, sign the petition, send emails to politicians.

    Let’s get this DECOUPLING Act passed in March.


  2. Thank you for all the work you do for the horses and every blessing for good health and happiness for 2017.


  3. Thank you veg4life for being here with us and helping the animals and the world by what you eat and don’t eat. We can never stress enough the importance of this far reaching, beneficial lifestyle.


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