Denver police horse left tied up for 16 hours without food or water euthanized

Updated Jan. 27, 2017

DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver police officer on the mounted patrol unit has been docked one day of vacation as punishment after documents showed his horse was left tied up for 16 hours without food or water.

A disciplinary letter said that on Sept. 26, officer Joseph Teeter finished his mounted patrol shift and returned to the Denver Police Mounted Patrol Barn to unload his horse, MC Hammer, into a stall.

Teeter tied the horse to an eye hook with a rope that left about 2 to 3 feet of slack. The letter said Teeter “became distracted doing paperwork and forgot he had left the horse tied in the stall.”

The horse was discovered still tied up in the stall at 6:15 a.m. the next morning. The horse had no access to food or water during those 16 hours.

See Disciplinary Report

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10 thoughts on “Denver police horse left tied up for 16 hours without food or water euthanized”

    1. The scenario as painted in the article is highly suspicious. What I question is how an otherwise healthy horse can die with no food and water after 16 hours. There is more going on here that meets the eye. I am wondering if the horse had been injured in some way and therefore not on the duty roster. In the meantime, he was obviously not being looked after properly and when someone did finally check on him he was near death so they euthanized him.


      1. My thoughts exactly when I first read this. A horse should survive no food or water for 16 hours. It seems that all the facts surrounding this horse’s death have not been revealed. A cover-up for sure.


        1. We will have it investigated as soon as we confirm the proper authority. This is abuse and animal abuse in Colorado is a felony.


  1. Unacceptable discipline. Forget a thirsty, hungry animal is inhumane. Civilians can be prosecuted for this carelessness. It is no way to handle horses, remove officer from further contact with horses til a responsible horse officer can be in place. To “forget” is a child’s excuse no help for a hungry and thirsty horse left helpless and alone. Consider all equine officers’ safety now compromised.


  2. Agreed, no excuse. This poor horse. Why was this police officer not mindful that he was responsible for this living creature totally dependent on him for water and food. As for restraining him with only 2-3 feet of slack tells me that he knew what he was doing. And you never do that except in special circumstances e.g. vet inspection.


  3. And lost a vacation day. This officer should be removed from the Mounted Police patrol and put on duty elsewhere. He has no business having anything to do with horses. I imagine he feels terribly about it but still. There is no excuse.


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