Budweiser Super Bowl Ad super disappointing — no Clydesdales

The beloved Clydesdale horses are not making an appearance in this year’s Budweiser Super Bowl ad a few headlines are shouting. Well, that’s not 100% correct.

According to other sources, the Clydesdales are in this year’s Budweiser Super Bowl ad — but for about two seconds and out of focus. Must be these horses.

It is, however, 100% correct to say that there is no Clydesdale ad. This is a major disappointment for a lot of people especially Budweiser drinkers.

“I will no longer purchase any Budweiser products until the Clydesdales return,” says Sue from Ohio.

Others have gone so far as to say they will not be tuning in to televised coverage of the Super Bowl but will simply check the score from time to time on Twitter and look at the ads on YouTube later.

But there will be horses. Or at least one horse thanks to Snickers.

The Horse Channel reports:

“This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any equine distractions during the many breaks in the action between the Patriots and the Falcons. Snickers is trying out a new gimmick with its ad spot, airing a commercial live. The ad will star Adam Driver and, apparently, a horse.”

See a handful of Clydesdales Budweiser ads at The Horse Channel website here.

In the meantime, it is alarming to read that the Rare Breeds Survival Trust list Clydesdale horses as “vulnerable” meaning there are only 500 to 900 in existence. Visit this link and click on the plus sign on the Equine Section.

See alsoClydesdales, known for Budweiser commercials, are at risk of extinction. Includes video.


Clydesdale Mare and Foal — Simply Marvelous Horse World »

5 thoughts on “Budweiser Super Bowl Ad super disappointing — no Clydesdales”

  1. Where can i Email Budweiser? Alot of times the super bowl is NOT a good football game and I suffer through it waiting waiting waiting for the Clydesdales. What a bummer. Well I’m not watching g it and I’m not buying Bud products. It’s a tradition and one of the highlights of the entire show. Bud executives you just threw the game LOSING interception and a corner back just ran it in for a pick six to win the game. LOSERS.


    1. You could go to their Facebook page or tweet them @Budweiser. We don’t know if they have a public email.

      In the meantime, we see that there is a big public surge to boycott them for their immigration themed Super Bowl ad.

      So you see, Budweiser. You should have stuck with the horses.


  2. Oh, so very disappointing there will be no full ad featuring the Clydesdales! Clearly, I’m not alone. It makes me wonder though how many of the people that will lament not seeing a Clydesdale commercial are even aware that on the day of the Super Bowl, as every other day, there are horses waiting in kill pens for transport to a slaughterhouse? I wish we could afford a commercial to air during the Super Bowl that would educate the general public of this vile, sordid industry. How about it, Anheuser-Busch?


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