It's Past Time to End Horse Slaughter

March Against Horse Slaughter

The Horse Fund staff and executives have unanimously agreed to “March Against Horse Slaughter” in 2017.

Throughout the years The Horse Fund have selected a horse cruelty issue and focused on it for the entire month of March — hence the name.

The Horse Fund have previously targeted horse slaughter for the month of March, but we have also done March for PMU Horses and March for Wild Horses.

March Against Horse Slaughter will take place on Tuesday’s Horse with a heavy helping of social media activities particularly on Twitter where we have the largest following and the most impact.

Although animal cruelty issues are typically non partisan, we are hearing alarming plans at the federal and state levels concerning horse slaughter.

We must get a plan in place quickly to alert the public as well as legislators that Americans are overwhelmingly against horse slaughter and will not tolerate it.

It is past time that the slaughter of horses stops.

If you do not know already, please take the time now to find out who represents you in your home State, including your Governor, and who your US Representative and Senators are in Washington DC.

If you are active on Twitter, please make a note of your elected officials’ Twitter names. We will be using them.

Please join us and take part in March Against Horse Slaughter.

3 thoughts on “March Against Horse Slaughter”

  1. Thank you for taking the lead to help stop any plans the current administration with its henchmen might have in taking any proposed action to restart horse slaughter on our soil or regarding the horses sent to slaughter either in Canada, Mexico or to any Asian country.


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