Tennessee Walking horse watches worriedly during horse soring inspections, part of an undercover operation by HSUS. Photo: HSUS.

Trump Administration removing animal abuse records from USDA website including soring

The beginning of the end of animal protection and welfare under Trump warned about by many is appearing.

Here are three sources on the Trump Administration’s recent move to hide the records of animal abusers by removing them from the USDA website. This is supposedly being done to protect the abusers’ rights as individuals. Not surprisingly you will see that the Horse Protection Act which outlaws horse soring is at the center of it along with the Animal Welfare Act.

Mercy for Animals report (citing the New York Times):

“As of Friday morning, the USDA has removed information relating to the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection Act from its site.

“This includes animal welfare inspections and records about the enforcement of these laws. They’ve even removed lists of regulated facilities, all without any advance notice.

“The department is claiming that this is about privacy. However, the reports already remove the locations of facilities and other sensitive information could have easily been redacted so that this information would still be accessible to the public.” Continue reading »

Science Magazine report:

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today removed public access to tens of thousands of reports that document the numbers of animals kept by research labs, companies, zoos, circuses, and animal transporters—and whether those animals are being treated humanely under the Animal Welfare Act.

“Henceforth, those wanting access to the information will need to file a Freedom of Information Act request.

“The same goes for inspection reports under the Horse Protection Act, which prohibits injuring horses’ hooves or legs for show.” [emphasis added]  Continue reading »

The Associated Press reports:

“WASHINGTON — The Agriculture Department has removed animal welfare inspection reports, enforcement records and other information about the treatment of animals from its website, citing privacy and other laws.

“Tanya Espinosa, a spokeswoman for USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, said the information was removed from the site around 11 a.m. Friday. She would not say if the removal was temporary or permanent in the new Trump administration.

“The information is used by advocacy groups and other members of the public to look up information on commercial dog and horse breeders, some of whom have had a history of abuse. The reports included lists of animal welfare violations at those facilities and also at animal testing labs, and whether those violations have been corrected.

“In place of the online database is a new message from the department saying it is “implementing actions to remove documents” related to the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection Act that contain personal information.

“The records have been removed “based on our commitment to being transparent, remaining responsive to our stakeholders’ informational needs, and maintaining the privacy rights of individuals,” the online message says.  Continue reading »

A famous quote, often attributed to Mohandas Gandhi, states, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

The United States is clearly going backwards under the current regime. It does not bode well for America’s future.


21 thoughts on “Trump Administration removing animal abuse records from USDA website including soring”

  1. #SonnyPerdue no doubt had a hand in this This administration has set back Horse Welfare 50 years Animal abuse is illegal and you all are worried about ABUSERS rights What about animals that can’t speak for themselves But YOU sure can Take away any chance “we the people” have to speak for them Well it won’t work, you will not stop us The torch has passed from generation to generation We carry it now and when we can’t others 10 fold will carry on for all horses 🔥

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  2. This is devastating news. As if the causes for the protection of animals isn’t fraught with enough difficulties as it is! Glad to see that the New York Times et al are exposing this worrying state of affairs.

    Am praying that there’s something in your Constitution to right the terrible wrong in this recent development. The people have the right to know and be informed and that makes a healthy democracy.

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  3. PEOPLE, do not believe all the doomsday talk you have been told. Trump froze all new pending regulations until his team has a chance to review. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL AND EVERY PRESIDENT DOES THE SAME THING.


    1. To hide the records of animal abusers by removing them from the USDA website is not the same as freezing all new pending regulations.

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    2. Trump said he’s removing 75% of all regulations. In addition, if there is to be a new regulation, two have to be removed. This does not bode well for the animals or humans and is outrageous.

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      1. This is living nightmare for us and the animals Chris, and it’s only just begun. I may start a GoFundMe campaign to go back to England. At least I’ll be home.

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    3. This is not a “pending regulation”. It is blatant removal of information that should be public knowledge. Disgraceful conduct by this train-wreck of an administration. Far worse than most would have imagined. People need to stop normalizing this anomaly. This is NOT normal.

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      1. Trump is so wrong!! Yes he only cares about $ and cares nothing about animal welfare, or rounding up of our wild horses, and going to kill buyers.. $ is all Trump cares about , he doesn’t care if we like it or not!!


  4. Despite all the warning shots we have tried to stay optimistic. However it is going to be much worse than what we initially imagined. Many are going to be placed in jeopardy, and not just the animals. Those who hide and defend individuals who commit crimes against animals have no respect for any kind of life. This has been proven over the centuries with catastrophic results.

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