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SB 139 passes the Kentucky State House Ag Committee 15-0-0

FRANKFORT, KY — Despite the news about the existence of SB139 going viral with people all across Kentucky contacting the State Legislature opposing the measure, this morning the bill passed out of the State Agricultural Committee unanimously with a vote count of 15-0-0.

SB139 endangers what protections horses currently have in Kentucky against cruelty and abuse by lowering their status from a domestic animal to livestock. It also opens the door to horse slaughter in Kentucky should that return to US soil.

This move is strongly supported by the agricultural and horse racing communities in Kentucky who already treat horses with shocking disrespect.

The next step is to send it to the full Kentucky State House for a vote. If SB139 passes there the bill will be sent to the Governor to sign into law.

Kentuckians, please continue to speak out against this bill.

The horses are counting on us to defend them to the final minute. And the fight won’t even be over then.

Feel like sipping some Kentucky bourbon? Feel like watching or betting on the Kentucky Derby? Or buying anything from Kentucky with this going on?

Ask the people of Tennessee what horse soring has done for their economy. Just saying.


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46 thoughts on “SB 139 passes the Kentucky State House Ag Committee 15-0-0”

  1. It hasn’t become law yet. Don’t give up. We don’t know if it passes the full House & goes to the Governor’s desk if he will even sign it. He is pretty unpredictable.

    In the meantime, please consider that we got into this late and there hasn’t been time to build momentum and the groundswell of support we need. There is still time to do that.

    And look at the timing. If the Governor does sign it, it will be just weeks before the Kentucky Derby when the eyes of the world will be on Kentucky.

    Don’t give up horse lovers. The fat lady may be trying to warm up but she’s not ready to sing just yet.


  2. Kentucky I’m really am surprise that you of all states would vote for this atrocities to happen to our beautiful horses. I believe is the horse emblem is on the billboards on entering the state.The welcome sign to Kentucky called unbridled spirit and now you are a hypocrite going against the horses that made this state what it is. You should be ashamed of your self. Do you know how they kill them? Do you know they are still alive when they slaughter them. They attached a chain to one of their legs and hoist them up until they are upside down and then take a knife and gutt them while they are still alive even pregnant mares and pull the baby out and let it fall. You are a disgrace.How can you let this happen, There should be laws that people shouldn’t over breed their horses. I


      1. I went to this link and then at the bottom of the page clicked on “contact us” and the option of sending an email to Kentucky tourism, where it is not mandatory to give your residential address, is there. I let them know what i thought about SB139.


  3. Need to get this stopped…..don’t let them get the foot for horse slaughter in the door! Kentucky, what is wrong with you!


  4. Horses are not livestock. It says in the bible that you are to only eat split hoofed animals. The horse is not a split hoofed animal. God will show his rather for what you Kentuckians are doing to these beautiful animals. Horses are a symbol of the freedom in our country. They are icons from the west. Kentucky breeds racehorses and puts on the derby and you want to consider them as livestock..What fools have Kentucky bred into our world. Respect the race horses. They win you a lot of money. Respect the horses all together. They are a creature of God.They are not for human consumption and should not be classified as such. We do not eat horse meat. Plain and simple. Therefore they cannot be put int he same group as livestock. They are a breed of their own. Veto the SB139… Horses are not food for humans..


  5. Why must everyone of you be against the horses ? Didn’t anyone of you ever had a horse in your life or know of one? They are the most beautiful animals on this awful earth. That we can own ,love, ride . People doesn’t need to eat them and dog food doesn’t need it either. Whats wrong with this picture people? we have to STOP this now . how things are going on now we will not have anything on this earth beside our selves. The Human beings can STOP this now. show the rest of the countrys you can STOP this SLAUGHTER is awful for any animal


  6. I cannot believe a horse state would pass such a horrific bill. Evidently the state of Kentucky is not as proud of their horses as they play up to be, Maybe all the other 49 states should veto the Kentucky Derby this year and refuse to allow the races to continue unless the Governor and the state reps stop this bill. We can march against the bill as well and maybe, By the grace of God, these people in power will stop trying to kill off our horses.

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    1. Killer buyers for the slaughterhouses do a big business in Kentucky too. The horses who escape them end up being shipped to livestock like Sugar Creek and New Holland. Many a Kentucky Thoroughbred meet that horrible fate.


  7. Health concerns
    Horse meat is toxic
    Horses are number one Animal that gets medicated daily with medicine that cause cancer among other health issues
    Please don’t let this pass


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