Entrepreneurial lessons to be learned from thinking like a horse

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — We share a quick story before we resume our work here for March Against Horse Slaughter. We have a lot coming up, so stay tuned. Be ready to take part.

In the meantime check this out. The story, “3 Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned from Raising Horses” caught our attention. And kept it.

Here’s a quick sketch of what these three lessons are. Go here to read the full story »

1. Pedigree doesn’t determine success. That’s self-explanatory.

2. Don’t Be a Reactionary: “. . . horses have two sides of their brain, a thinking side and a reactionary side, and the key is getting the horse to use the thinking side. . . Nine times out of 10, the thinking response is better”.

3. It’s never too late. The example they give is a lady who dreamed her whole life of learning to ride a horse. “She didn’t stop dreaming, though, and at the age of 67, she started riding.”

Sound Advice for the Entrepreneur and Advocate

Isn’t all of the above good, sound, workable advice concerning what we do as horse advocates?

How often does it look like it is a thankless, endless task to end the myriad abuses inflicted on horses like horse slaughter? That we can only dream about getting rid of it?

The definition of an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Everything is possible. It’s a question of risk, initiative, hard work and sticking with it — that’s the entrepreneurial spirit!

And like the lady who began riding horses at the age of 67, it is never too late to start.

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