Horse slaughter and horse meat production — A global perspective

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — The global distribution of horse meat production can be visualized in this map where the darker colors indicate higher volumes. This data is based on the most recent available FAO numbers published in 2013.

Note that this map has been modified to eliminate the FAO horse meat data in the US due to reasons explained previously.

Horse Meat Production Map by Jane Allin

A total of 77 countries slaughter horses for their meat. These can be divided into 5 major regions:

• Africa – 13 countries
• Americas – 15 countries (not including the U.S.)
• Asia – 12 countries
• Europe – 33 countries
• Oceania – 4 countries

Table 1 — Horse Meat Produced and Number of Horses Slaughtered Worldwide by Region — 2013

Table 1 shows the global production share of horse meat and horses slaughtered by region with accompanying pie charts indicating the percentage each region contributes to the global total.

Table 1: Horsemeat Production Worldwide (2013) by Jane Allin.

Note that 1 tonne equals 2,205 pounds which equates to a total of 1,576,117,782 pounds of horse meat produced around the globe in 2013 from approximately 4.7 million horses – a staggering 1.58 billion pounds of horse meat.

Here is a visual showing the parts of the world where horse meat is produced percentage wise.

Global Production of Horse Meat Production Pie Chart by Jane Allin.

Here is a visual showing the parts of the world where horses are slaughtered for their meat percentage wise.

Head count of horses slaughtered worldwide pie chart. By Jane Allin.

To be continued with more horse slaughter and horse meat statistics and numbers.

7 thoughts on “Horse slaughter and horse meat production — A global perspective”

  1. I’m so sorry. With the many cattle available on the market what a waste of time and money to supply horse meat. The suffering to horses and the crime to people, how is it worth it? Shame humans can’t get beyond this discusting old habit that was only used during war time for food. It’s 2017 plenty to eat without tge suffering of horses. Please stop end horses bring put to death.


    1. Sorry. Not Correct. Jane, who put the numbers together says that GB produced 7,086,870 lbs of horse meat from 20,870 horses according to FAO 2013 data. Princess Anne came in for a lot of flack when she stated a couple of years ago that England needs more horse slaughter.


  2. Shocking statistics!

    Ashamed that my country, Australia, in particular the Department of Agriculture/Primary Industries, is doing nothing about banning horse slaughter.
    Not that long ago, a slaughterhouse was shut down in Victoria after the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses exposed racehorses being shot in the head and horse dragged along the ground, still alive. A zoo stopped buying horsemeat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jane and I were just talking about how big the numbers are. How much horse meat is eaten and where. The world wide web has certainly exposed it.


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