MONTREAL, QUE.: MAY 18, 2016-- Moise Cohen and his horse Chanel wait for a fair in Old Montreal on Wednesday May 18, 2016. Cohen said he has no idea how he will pay the bills to keep his horse now that Montreal mayor Denis Coderre has announced a ban on caleches for a period of one year just as the peak summer season is about to begin. (Allen McInnis / MONTREAL GAZETTE)

How Montreal’s tainted calèche industry harms horses – and how you can help

CARRIAGE HORSES — (Montreal, Canada).  Over the last couple of years, the calèche industry of Montreal, Canada has been in the spotlight.

In May of 2016, after a serious collision between a horse-drawn carriage and car, the Mayor immediately instated a one-year moratorium on the industry, just before the start of the season.

Promises of strict improvements were made and a sense of hope was instilled in those working hard to change the industry.

Unfortunately, this ban was quickly overturned in court after the drivers themselves made strong objections. It was not long before the carriages were back on the cobble-stoned streets of Old Montreal, even on the hottest days of summer.

Between 2009 and 2015, 16 calèche horses in Montreal alone died – and their deaths all showed strong similarities.

Research has found keeping horses in stalls for long periods of time is detrimental to their health and well-being. This is not a new concept considering horses are highly social animals, forming strong bonds with herd members. They simply do not do well on their own. Denying them access to pasture and interaction with other horses is cruel. Sadly, the life of a carriage horse is lonely and often filled with misery.  Read more at One Green Planet »


You can make a difference.

• Do not support the carriage-horse industry in any way.

Sign the petition asking the Mayor of Montreal to replace the horse-drawn calèches with electric carriages. Please take a moment, right now, to help these horses.

• For more information see the Anti-Calèche Defence Coalition »

Allen McInnis / Montreal Gazette

2 thoughts on “How Montreal’s tainted calèche industry harms horses – and how you can help”

  1. I really do not agree that this industry should be banned… reform, yes, humane practices, yes, but the reality is that these horses will not just go to some nice pasture to retire, they will be canned… just like draft horses when they were replaced by tractors. Stalls? Really? Thousands of horses are stabled; shall we ban all activities where horses are kept in stalls? How about we just quit riding them?


    1. Interesting thoughts. However banning horse drawn carriages are for reasons particular to this industry. Horse drawn carriages mixed in with automobile traffic are dangerous for all involved. And horse drawn carriages in a city environment for sure are unnecessary.

      In the meantime, horses are already being “canned” as you put it when they get old, injured or break down.


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