Charlotte of Mounted in Houston, Texas. Image Source: Loreen Pantaleone who will be doing a painting of the fallen horse.

Photo of Houston Officer lying with dying police horse goes viral

HOUSTON, TX  — (Mar. 27, 2017).

A heartbreaking photo of a police officer laying in the street with a police horse after the animal was struck by a vehicle is going viral.

According to the Houston Chronicle online (, Charlotte is a 6-year-old Tennessee Walker ridden by Officer D. Herrejon of the Houston Police Department. Charlotte was in the street with the officer when she was startled by traffic noise behind her. She turned to the side, stepped into another lane, and was hit by a passing concrete truck.

Charlotte tragically did not survive the accident. As she lay in the street in her last moments, an officer laid down next to her to comfort and embrace her. A spokesperson for the Houston Police says that a bystander took the photo of the touching moment.

Downed Houston Police horse Charlotte. Image Credit: The Houston Chronicle (cropped).
Downed Houston Police horse Charlotte. Image Credit: The Houston Chronicle (cropped).

According to a Facebook post by the Animal Justice League, the officer pictured with Charlotte is not Officer Herrejon, who had been taken to a nearby hospital, but his partner, Officer Ronald Curry.

America Web Media reported that the Houston Police Department shared the following announcing Charlotte’s death:

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the death of Charlotte, an HPD Mounted Patrol horse, who died in the line of duty this morning in a motor vehicle accident,” the department’s post reads.

“Charlotte came to HPD as an unstarted 2-year old Tennessee Walker from Oklahoma. She thrived in HPD Mounted Patrol’s barefoot and natural horsemanship programs. She passed her evaluation period with flying colors and was working the streets of Downtown Houston within a short time of being started under saddle.

“She loved her job and was always ready to go to work putting bad guys in jail or giving nuzzles to children. She served the citizens of Houston for 4 years. She will be missed.”

See America Now for more on this story.

Rest in peace dear Charlotte. We offer our heartfelt prayers for Officer Herrejon and condolences to all at Houston Mounted.

Charlotte of the Mounted Unit, Houston, Texas. Image Source:  Loreen Pantaleone who will be doing a painting of the fallen horse at iHeartHorses.

3 thoughts on “Photo of Houston Officer lying with dying police horse goes viral”

  1. I have worked at the Galveston Police Department and found myself ALWAYS commenting on the care that the horses by their officer. When they were patrolling both the police officers and their officer horses were sharp and well put together unit! Just beautiful to see! Rest Easy Officer Charlotte and my condolences to the HPD, Officers Herrejon and Curry, and to the Mounted Patrol Unit!


  2. My heart goes out to officer Herrejon and officer Curry. A terrible tragedy for beautiful Charlotte. She escaped the abhorrently cruel life of the Big Lick and the slaughterhouse and lived a good life which is a comfort for those who knew and loved her.

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