March against horse slaughter continues at the State level

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — March 28 was Governor’s Day on Twitter. Keep tweeting.

Not on Twitter? Or want to give your Governor’s campaign on Twitter an extra kick?


Contact your Governor’s Office via its website contact form and let your Governor know you are strongly opposed to horse slaughter and do not want it setting up business in your home State.

Visit the National Governors Association website and get started by clicking on your State.

If you prefer — and this is always a great idea — write and (snail) mail your Governor a heartfelt letter stating why you are against horse slaughter.

Tips on how to write a successful letter coming up in a bit. But first . . .


Perhaps you think horse slaughter is something that will never come to your State. You can never rule that out for certain.

Or perhaps there is already a law against horse slaughter in your State. These are likely to be the first States to try to return horse slaughter to US soil.

The final step for a bill becoming law is the Governor’s signature.

If there is no legal reason to impede horse slaughter from operating in your State so no legislation required, the Governor’s Office is still important.

Governors are always influential concerning what types of businesses are allowed to conduct themselves. Governors often can make sure something like horse slaughter happens or doesn’t happen.

Therefore it will be a great advantage if the Governor’s Office hears from a large number of citizens concerning horse slaughter well ahead of any legislative or business activities relating to it.

The sooner we start the better.

Former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue who looks to be the next Secretary of Agriculture is anti animal, pro factory farming and pro horse slaughter. Horse slaughter will definitely be on Perdue’s agenda.


When contacting elected officials it is highly important to be precise. Sum up what you are writing about — asking them to do — in the first sentence.

Difficult I know. We fight this too.

Then follow up with your supporting statements. End your letter thanking them with a repeat of what you are asking for.

Try to restrain yourself from inundating legislators with a lot of material and documentation.

Instead, let your recipient know that horse slaughter is a highly important issue and you have information at hand that supports your stand against it that may be very useful. When they ask for it then let them have it!


Identify yourself. Make certain that your lawmakers and government officials know who is writing to them. Give them your full address so they can identify you as a constituent and provide either a telephone number or email address so they can get back to you.

Bear in mind. If you expect a reply, you must ask them for it to get it.


If you have established a relationship with your State legislators, drop them a note letting them know exactly how you feel about horse slaughter and that you wish them to be vigilant and prepared to take a stand against it.

If you do not know your State legislators, now is a great time to starting cultivating a relationship with them.


Get involved. Learn how here.


The production of horse meat is a predatory business causing great mental and physical anguish from the moment horses enter the slaughter pipeline culminating in a terrifying and agonizing death.

Thank you for giving your voice in defense of our horses.

Please share.


Coming up next. Get ready. Sign up for All it takes is an active email address and password. Check out The Horse Fund’s page here. Check out HR113 on PopVox.

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