Wyoming Wild Horses free on the open range, where they belong.

John Cox on BLM’s wild horse numbers and survival of nation’s grasslands

John Cox writes the following on his Facebook page:

So May 14, 2013 the BLM stated there existed 31,453 wild horses on our Public Lands — and a little over 2 ½ years, biologically impossible by the way, we are told the wild horse population jumped to 67,027 as of March 1, 2016.

But using the same Win Equus Software, lets compare our numbers for 2017:

“We also work with the Win Equus Software, the software used by the BLM! We input their numbers from 2013 onward (as stated by them), and we come up with a mere 20,197 wild horses on the range currently — in 2017. . .”

Apparently, these BLM employees, and administrators, want Americans and taxpayers, especially, to believe wild horses do not die, or a slew of other things that, in reality, make these numbers totally impossible.

But more than anything else, I restate quite clearly — BLM’s wild horse count is BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE ON THIS PLANET!

And the Research Scientists, the HSUS and other non-profit pesticide PZP supporters go along with these numbers – who constantly want people to assume their credibility, support BLM $$$$$$$$.

Sometimes words are simply not enough, for the obvious.

Oddly, we have those BLM employees, and pro-slaughter, and people from the pesticide PZP groups, awkwardly at best, pitching hateful comments toward those that disagree with their obvious lack of credibility. And people go along with them.

Interesting, since this is also a nation that elected Trump! We apparently deny first, and it takes several destructive and obvious situations a 2nd grader can detect, for the majority of people to pay attention to.

Back to Real-time.

We as American’s have to be very concerned about our wildlife, about those that manage it, and those that manage our lands in America.

As ignorance is quite prevalent, and destruction of both our wildlife and lands quite evident, as a society, we must become more attentive to these things that are indeed life-giving to us all.

The fact? BLM and other corrupt agencies in our government system, needs to be replaced with honest people if this planet is to survive at all.

We are a grasslands society, and the industrial revolution based upon a healthy ecological grassland, as well as a healthy and robust wildlife that enhances these same substantial grasslands, for the human species very survival. – John Cox, The Cascades

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14 thoughts on “John Cox on BLM’s wild horse numbers and survival of nation’s grasslands”

  1. People polite the environment profusely. Should horses die to save grasslands? Should people suffer the same effects as the horses have. Horses don’t even destroy the environment, “people do”….do animal’s always have to suffer the consecuses for our faults?


  2. I think that the BLM is one agency that needs to be restructured. If the government is really going to restructure. and maybe pointing out the obvious to Jared and Ivanka, maybe they would just get rid of them all once and for all. Ok maybe not but it was a hope for a split second. The Secretary of the Interior Secretary Zinke says he is a horse person. Let’s give this to him and see if he changes anything for the better. I say the counts on the mustang need to be physically done and done every single year, not approximations made from year to year. If we can get one person to listen, really listen, maybe it’ll spread like wild fire and we can really finally keep our mustang wild and free. I mean the population is really not that high to where they need to cut the herds in the drastic numbers they have been cutting them. And they really need to figure out what they are going to do with all the mustang in holding. I fear they will wind up in the slaughter pipeline a little at a time until they are no longer in existance.

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  3. Cattle grazing leases do have restrictions on numbers allowed. (That said, you gotta catch the rancher in the act of overstocking) Still, PZP is not “poison” – that’s a little over the top. Population control in some areas is appropriate because if they restrict grazing land and then it does get overgrazed, that is more incentive to remove horses. Keep numbers reasonable.


    1. Cattle destroy the ranges and are moved from one devastated area to another. Horses are free roaming and have been reintroduced in bereft areas to replenish lands. PZP is classified as a pesticide. Look it up.

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    2. PZP is poison to mares’ bodies that works on their immune systems and destroys reproductive capacity after a few darts. Foals born to Pzp’d mares have been deformed. Wild horse families are torn apart by capture and the release of less PZP’d mares tearing apart the harems that keep reproduction rates low in their natural habitat. There are other ways to deal with overgrazed land – how about removing the cows, reopening zeroed out HMAs. It’s unconscionable that wealthy ranchers/investors are running our public lands and dictating the ruination of wild horse families along with other wild animals that are iconic to our country.


      1. I totally agree about turning out Mustangs in holding to zeroed-out HMA’s and reducing or retiring livestock grazing permits. However, I haven’t come across anything about PZP causing foals to become deformed — could you share your findings please? I have heard about deformed foals being born as a result of low genetic viability and can see how using PZP on a herd with a dangerously low number can exacerbate this problem, but I believe that it has more to do with genetic viability than the vaccine itself. And although it is labeled as a pesticide by the EPA, it’s only because they don’t have a classification for wildlife contraceptives. But as I said, I believe that we should also consider the options that you mentioned. :)


        1. The Corolla Herd in NC showed a deformed foal last year. BLM said it was because of genetic viability; but other deformed or still born foals have been removed. Still born foals occurred among mares who were injected with Pzp in other areas with deformed remains found or as Karen Sussman said, 6 out of 7 foals were stillborn among her injected mares. No long term studies of foals are made or made available by those who support Pzp. But you can read the following: https://prophoto7journal.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/wild-horses-pzp-deformities-and-death-american-public-has-a-lot-of-question-about-the-pesticide-pzp-that-need-answered-editorial/

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  4. I understand that the basic objection to the wild horses is that they will “compete’ with cattle for forage. So exactly how many cattle i are competing? I understand it to be millions.
    So make it an analogy: is the tiny fly on my plate going to eat so much off my plate that I will starve?
    Are there any real controls on the number of cattle on public (leased) land?

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  5. John’s numbers make a lot more sense to me! I just cannot comprehend the BLM’s “math”. BUT our fantastic representatives take this agencies word for everything!

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