Wild Horses: Randy Harris Photo

EPA classifies wild horse birth control drug PZP as a pesticide

WILD HORSES (US) — This is not news; simply a clarification. Certain readers have questioned our reference to PZP (Porcine Zona Pellucida) as a pesticide which is used as a type of birth control on wild mares living on federal lands.

EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet p. 1.
Click image to view the EPA’s full Pesticide Fact Sheet on PZP (pdf, 9 pp).

As Protect Mustangs state:

Pests are invasive species. Wild horses are native.

Drugging up wild horses with a dangerous pesticide sterilizes after multiple uses. The pesticide also ruins natural selection and wrecks havoc with native wild horses’ immune systems putting them at risk of massive die-offs.

Protect the Harvest writes:

When it comes to the feral horse issue in the American West, the only thing that needs to be sterilized are the bad ideas coming from animal rights activists.

That hasn’t stopped groups such as Wild Horse Education from muddying the debate over how to handle feral horse overpopulation. A group that is assisting WHE in its foolishness and has only served to make things more difficult for these horses and the people who are trying to help them is the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The Horse Fund are against the use of PZP on wild horses not only because it is a dangerous pesticide but also because of the federal government’s continuous interference and mismanagement has them on the verge of extinction.

The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Managment’s Wild Horse & Burros Management Program has decimated entire herd management areas leaving the few existing herds in danger of being wiped out.

Food for thought.

We also notice that it states “nonfood use” twice on the EPA’s PZP cover page (above). Since wild horses are sent to slaughter from time to time for for human consumption, wild mares treated with PZP are barred from entering the human chain.

Wild Horses: Randy Harris Photo.

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