Belgian horses tagged for slaughter for human consumption await export. Google image.

Horses are still being shipped live from Canada to Japan to make specialty sashimi

CANADA (Horse Slaughter) — The Dodo reports that horses are still being shipped live from Canada to Japan to make specialty sashimi.

Almost every week — from Edmonton and Calgary airports in Alberta and the Winnipeg airport in Manitoba — unwanted horses are packed into crates and flown across the ocean. They land in Japan, one of the leading importers of horsemeat; 6.5 million pounds of horsemeat were imported by the country in 2016 alone.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition image.
Horses loaded and waiting on the tarmac in Canada for live transport to Japan for slaughter for human consumption. Canadian Horse Defence Coalition image.

But the live horses exported to Japan are used for something very specific: a kind of specialty sashimi called basashi.

An example of raw, sliced horse meat, served in Japan called Basashi.
An example of raw, sliced horse meat, served in Japan called Basashi.

“The meat needs to be consumed within three days after being slaughtered in order to be eaten as sushi,” Ewa Demianowicz, campaign manager for Humane Society International, told The Dodo.

Not only that, oils harvested from the horses’ bodies are also used in beauty products.

American horses are routinely shipped north just to enter the slaughter pipeline.

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Take Action

(1) If you oppose the live shipment of horses for slaughter and the suffering and death that goes along with it, sign this petition »

(2) Make it illegal to export American horses across U.S. borders.  There are two things you can do to make that happen.

• Endorse H.R. 113 (the SAFE Act) online any time day or night.


• Telephone your U.S. Representative asking him/her to co-sponsor and support the passage of H.R 113.

If you know your Representative call (202) 225-3121 for the U.S. House switchboard operator. Not sure? Find your Representative here. You will need your +4 zip code. Find it here.

Calls are having a major impact right now in Washington D.C. It is quick, easy and effective.

Be polite. Speak from the heart. Be sure to leave your name and address with whomever answers your legislator’s phone. Always ask them very nicely to read it back to you to make sure your call counts.

Call now!

Belgian horses tagged for slaughter await shipment. Unattributed Google search result.

Updated 4/27/17 4:07 pm correcting replacing sushi with sashimi except in quoted text. Sashimi is typically made with fish but is also made with raw meat. See “Kinds of sashimi not made with fish“.

99 thoughts on “Horses are still being shipped live from Canada to Japan to make specialty sashimi”

  1. That’s just sick and disgusting to eat horse meat what is wrong with people and I’m ashamed of Canada for shipping them are horses from America overseas to Japan so they can be miss treated and slaughtered in then eaten. That’s just disgusting


  2. What is sick is humans strange or non existent connection to animals (and nature) We cuddle some animals and can torture others without even the smallest thought. Women in fur coats walking a dog!!! Eating pork, animals smart and so social, who have suffered every minute in concrete/steel pens so small they can hardly move. We go to zoos and parks or circuses and watch animals who suffer their whole life being beaten to entertain us, experiments only to serve the interest of the scientist, horrible abuse for money. Hunting or trapping…killing just for leasure, the thrill. Animals for food! Same thing….horrible suffering for pigs, chickens or cattle are as horrible as killing horses for meat. Because the buyers don’t have to see the suffering….Could be so “easy” to end all this horror…just stop buying it!! It is a win/win…better health, better for the climate, no more animal suffering and abuse. Protect wild life everywhere…


  3. This is one of the most heinous crimes of unacceptable animal injustice in the world. Canada shame on all government that would treat these horses, with such inhumane cruelty, suffering and torture and abuse, and think this is animal justice!!!!!

    The horse is man’s best friend, who stood by him in times of war, and building this country. Now is treated with!!! NO respect, no compassion, no rights, and no laws to protect them. This is Canada, a country that is suppose to be civilized, where people (once) were proud to be a Canadian. No more!!!!

    THIS is the end Canada has sunken to the lowest possible limit, no better than China and Japan. This tells it all, follow the money and you bet I’m angry this is a travesty beyond belief, that i’ll remember come voting time nothing can justify what Canada is condoning.

    I’m really sick and tired and fed up with Canada and their no respect, no compassion, no rights, and no laws to protect animals in this country, despite all the suffering that goes on every day, what a sad, sad, awful world we live in today.

    No one cares, it’s all about money. It’s a world I’m no longer proud of, and wonder “what has happened to man” ????


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