Vegan recipes for Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican food junkie

MEAT OUT FOR MUSTANGS — Being (partially) from Texas and growing up loving Mexican food — both traditional and Tex-Mex — I can’t go without it.

I remember fondly from my early Law Office days in Houston when at Christmas time a group of ladies came around and took our orders for home made tamales. It was a wonderful tradition that happened all over the region. Alas, being a vegetarian and almost vegan at the time, I couldn’t participate for they all had meat.

But that didn’t last long. I asked one the of the ladies if she knew how to make vegetarian tamales. She said she would think about it.

I could hardly wait for her to get back to me.

Having a vegetarian child who loved Mexican food my Dad prevailed upon a lady from Mexico who lived in our neighborhood to make vegetarian tamales for me. What she turned out was a milestone in my life and when vegetarian tamales were born for me.

We got what we wanted years later at the office too.

The vegetarian tamales the ladies at our office turned out were also delightfully delicious. Straightaway I ordered three dozen. They are perfect for the freezer too and thaw out beautifully in their corn husks which also makes them ideal for steaming if you want to warm them up.

See how fun and delicious it all is. On the serious side, you know what living vegan means for the animals too.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo and as part of our “Meat Out for Mustangs” campaign, here is link to a group of recipes that will titillate the taste buds.

The following vegan recipe grouping was put together by the Garden Grazer. See “Ultimate List of Vegan Mexican Recipes“. My favorite black bean enchilada recipe comes from “Give Me Some Oven” although my own is none to shabby.

For something not quite traditional for the day, this 6-Ingredient Vegan Enchilada Casserole recipe by Kitchn will blow your mind.

Recipe and image by Kitchn. Click to visit website.
Recipe and image by Kitchn. Click to visit website.

How about margaritas? Are they vegan? Not unless you use a vegan tequila. There are many.

Cookie and Kate have us covered with the healthiest, tastiest margarita I have ever had and believe me I have had my share of margaritas over the decades (smile).

There is a great Vegan Alcohol List at Urban Tastebud. Find out where to get vegan wines and spirits at Barnivore.

Don’t drink? How about making some vegan Mucho Margarita Cupcakes instead?

Wow. Look at this website we found, Their home page sums it up for me:

Vegans avoid ingredients that are the product of animal suffering while embracing plant-based foods that not only sustain us but offer tasty entrées, sauces, side dishes, drinks, and desserts.

This is especially true of Mexican food, and you’ll quickly discover that these recipes, that do not require “meat,” eggs, or dairy ingredients, are not only satisfying, but truly delicious.

Juntos no hay nada que no podemos hacer. Nunca es demasiado tarde para hacer algo bueno.

Together there is nothing we can’t do. It’s never too late to do good.

Start today, right here, right now. Take the Meat Out for Mustangs pledge. See also Advocate From Your Plate.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo.  Con cariño, Vivian.

May 5 is celebrated as Cinco de Mayo day. The date May 5 is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza. In the U.S. the date has become associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture.



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