Meat Out for Mustangs: Week 2

Mustang Monument Resort wild horses.
Mustang Monument Resort wild horses.

MEAT OUT FOR MUSTANGS — For those of you participating in “Meat Out for Mustangs” the news of our campaign is traveling fast, and more and more are joining us.

We are in the many thousands and counting. We can hardly keep up, but we’re not complaining. It is terrific.

This is our second week. So, how are you doing so far?

Haven’t joined us yet? Take the pledge and get started.

Give up beef, meat or take the challenge and go vegan for the rest of the month of May. So far 15% are giving up beef, 45% are giving up meat and the rest are adopting a plant-based or vegan diet. Already vegetarian or vegan? Recruit your friends and family to join you.


Our chief aim is to get the attention of the cattle ranchers grazing on public lands who, and there is no other way to put it, hate our Mustangs. They admit it. “Rats on hooves” they call them. They want them gone.  All gone. They have been aiming for this for generations, some of them. Simply put, we want them to stop and so we can restore our American herds.

They’re Ours

America’s wild horses and burros belong to the American people. They are federally protected although even that is now threatened thanks to the Omnibus spending bill we talked about in our previous post.

America’s wild horses and burros are iconic, living, breathing symbols of what freedom looks like. Don’t we all cherish that idea? Besides their innate beauty, isn’t that what they represent? Isn’t that what all life craves? Freedom?

If you’ve ever been on public lands, especially in the States where our wild horses and burros are, you know the vastness of it. It’s virtually impossible to describe, to get across the size,  the immensity.

Still, at the behest of the cattle men and big corporate rustlers whole herd management areas (HMAs) have been zeroed out.

Apart from the blatantly obvious, do you know what else is tragic about that? There’s nothing there.

They have zeroed these HMAs out. Yet the special interests the Department of Interior via the Bureau of Land Management and it Wild Horse & Burro Program have done this for aren’t even using it. It doesn’t appear they ever intended to. They simply wanted the Mustangs gone. Just gone.

How is it being paid for? Taxpayer dollars.

We Have a Plan

There has to be a way for everyone to co-exist and we want to find it by collaborating and not by fighting.

We have a plan that we are putting together on how this can be accomplished simply and at relatively little expense.

Will we be successful? We don’t know. However we do know that we can make some noise; grab some attention. Thanks to you — we are.

Keep up the good work. Continue to spread the word. Take the pledge. Together, let’s see what we can do for our wild horses and burros.

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Mustang Monument Resort wild horses.

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