When it comes to horses and lawmakers you gotta have heart

MONDAY ROUND UP — “You gotta have heart. All you really need is heart”, says the famous song from one of America’s classical musicals, “Damn Yankees”.

It takes a lot of heart to continue fighting against the monstrous cruelties committed against horses. It takes a strong heart to deal with the roller coaster ride that is horse protection work.

You have that heart or you wouldn’t be here. Never doubt for a moment how special you are.

Omnibus Spending Bill

Sen. Mitch McConnell placed a hold on the the Omnibus spending bill when it passed from the House to the Senate. However, he quickly released it again and the Senate voted and passed it into law.

The bill contains provisions put in just before midnight the night before the House vote that are threatening to the safety and welfare of our wild horses and burros. This is being downplayed by other groups, but do not be fooled. Only they know what their motives are.

The bill contains no oversight or enforcement provisions relating to federally protected horses once they are handed over into the care of the States for one. That in of itself is nightmarish for us.

We have a story developing on how the cattle ranchers and others using federal lands are reacting to the possibility of management being transferred from the Federal government to their States. You may be very surprised at what they are saying. Stay tuned.

H.R. 113 — The SAFE Act

The bill outlawing horse slaughter for human consumption — H.R. 113 — currently has 112 co-sponsors.

View them at this link: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/113/cosponsors.

Please take a look and see if your U.S. Representative has supported H.R. 113. If they have, please telephone their office or go to their contact page and leave a message of thanks. This is very important. Truly. Important.

If they have not co-sponsored please telephone and ask them to.

You might say something like this:

“Hello, my name is [       ] and I am calling to ask Rep. [       ] to please co-sponsor H.R. 113. It was introduced by Rep. Vern Buchanan. This bill is very important to me because it outlaws horse slaughter. My name again is [       ] and my address is [       ]. Would you read that back to me please.”

They will likely ask you for a phone number and/or email address. This is a good sign. If you want your Representative to reply you must request this. Otherwise they are not obligated. You might add something like:

“Would you please have Rep. [       ] respond to my call by letting me know where he stands concerning the anti horse slaughter bill, H.R. 113.”

Important: They need your full address including your zip code +4 to identify you as a constituent so have that ready. Always ask the aide to read your address back to you whenever you call. Be polite! But you know that.

You can call about more than one bill of course.

Find your U.S. Representative and their contact information at House.gov »

H.R. 1847 — PAST Act (Prevent All Soring Tactics)

The PAST Act currently has 238 co-sponsors.

View them at this link: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1847/cosponsors.

H.R. 1847 amends the Horse Protection Act closing loopholes that will lead to an end of “Big Lick” animal cruelty.

Rinse and repeat what you did for the previous bill quoting H.R. 1847. Rep. Ted Yoho introduced this bill.

A follow-up report on what went down in Florida is on its way. Or visit BillyGoBoy.com for further information.

Horse Racing Integrity Act

We await the introduction of the Horse Racing Integrity Act. We will review it and see how this version differs from the previous one if any. In the meantime, the title is somewhat of a oxymoron isn’t it? Moving on.


We highly recommend you endorse and oppose bills on PopVox. Legislators and their staff use this system to work bills and see what constituents are saying — so you know they are hearing your voice. PopVox literally means “voice of the people”.

Sign up here with your email and a password.

Someone wrote and asked if we are getting a promotional fee. No ma’am we are not.

This is a terrific system. We have been with them since their launch and they are the real deal.

Take action on any bill, any time day or night. Track bills. View a map to see what constituents around the country are for and against. See what they are saying and take a public stand yourself. You don’t have to make your name public if you don’t want to. They will assign you a unique constituent number.

Go to our page to view the bills we endorse and oppose. PopVox is where we learned that the American Horse Council have publicly taken a neutral stand on the SAFE Act and endorsed the PAST Act.


We leave you with this lovely quote by Roy T. Bennett from The Light of the Heart.

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

Thank you for having a strong heart for horses.

See more horses with heart markings at https://www.pinterest.com/

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