Meat Out for Mustangs will continue beyond May

Pryor Mountain wild horses. Google search result. Unattributed image.
Pryor Mountain wild horses. Google search result. Unattributed image.

MEAT OUT FOR MUSTANGS — Meat Out for Mustangs will continue beyond May. Due to the incredibly high level of participation and feedback from you, we will Meat Out for Mustangs every Monday for the rest of the year.

Meat Out for Mustangs is a campaign on behalf of Mustangs in the U.S.  This has been a very timely campaign. One of the benefits of a campaign like this is that it keeps the plight of U.S. Mustangs in the forefront of our thought and active on their behalf.

It is not just citizens in the U.S. who are participating in this campaign to raise awareness about the plight of its Mustangs and the startling destructive practices against them. This campaign has taken on an international flavor.

People are participating in Meat Out for Mustangs — for America’s wild horses — in the following countries:


This is a very moving tribute to how widely cherished wild horses and in particular the American Mustang is outside this U.S.

Here are the general percentages on participants’ “meat out” choice.

Vegan 50%
No Beef 30%
No Meat 20%

How many have taken the pledge?

Well, we don’t know exactly because we can barely keep up with the pledges which have been pouring in steadily since May 1. However, as of this writing we are just over 90,000 in the U.S. and over 100,000 overall. This of course does not take into account those who are taking part and not signed a pledge.

In the meantime, there is plenty of work to do. U.S residents, please take action on the BLM’s budget proposal for 2o18 »

Thank you everyone!

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