Wild Horse Destiny. A poem by Craig Downer.

WILD HORSES — As a thank you for participating in Meat Out for Mustangs throughout the month of May with us, we thought we should share something extra special with you on our final day of this very special campaign. It a beautiful poetic tribute to wild horses.

by Craig Downer

Something there is of Destiny
that calls to me
in the wild horse
who runs so free
upon the remotest
desert and plain,
mountain range
or valley green,
for there is a Rightness here
and an ancestral precedence
dating back millions of years!

Surely this egotistical upstart
called civilized man
shall not be allowed
to extinguish
either this powerfully beautiful line
of ascent from ancient times,
or that by-God-valued Freedom
without which
the very soul of Horsekind
would be denied.

… And there is something implicit here too
in the very Destiny of all we call “the West”
that affirms: “Without wild horses
free to roam the vast unfenced expanses,
the West itself its very soul would lose!”
May Heaven forbid!
Praise God!

* * *

Streams of the Soul

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The Wild Horse Conspiracy

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* * *

Roosevelt State Park Wild Mustangs by Hahn Nature Photography

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9 thoughts on “Wild Horse Destiny. A poem by Craig Downer.”

  1. So glad you liked my poem and I am working hard to restore these magnificent animals to their rightful land/habitat and natural freedom through my Reserve Design project and giving input. It is so important we now contact our Representatives particularly on the Appropriations committee to stop the trickery that would have the great majority of them slaughtered!!!! See my webpage thewildhorseconspiracy.org and my book whose link is above. Hope some of you who love poetry will also get my poetry book Streams of the Soul. Happy Spring and Summer!

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  2. Lovely!

    Is the title supposed to be “Meat out for Mustangs”??
    Shouldn’t it be meet? Or was it a meeting against slaughtering horses for meat?

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  3. Craig you hit the nail on the head with your beautiful poem . We must be diligent in our continued fight to save these precious iconic beautiful master pieces of our American West.
    Without our wild horses we lose a huge part of the American symbol for freedom.

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  4. Horses are a legacy. A beautiful reminder of our struggle to tame this country we call our own. Their ancestors were here before we were. Their grace, speed, symmetry and strength all speak to their importance in our expansion west. Their herds flourished and should continue without our interference. They deserve all we can do for them especially after all they have done for us. They are not safe to consume therefore the question of reopening slaughter houses is moot. They need not be cruelly shipped to other countries for that same dangeras these countries are capable of raising their own meat and should not be allowed to consume the tainted horses from us!
    We rever the bald eagle. It is the symbol of the USA. (Ben Franklin wanted the turkey). Both of those animals are thriving now. So should the American horse!

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  5. This poem, to me, is a heartfelt invitation from Craig to see the horse thru a diviner Lens … to “feel” Life with our hearts again and awaken to what it means to live “True to our Divine Design” ~ We honour this when we apply it to our own lives and those of the animals and humans we share this incredible Planet with.

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  6. This poem says so much about the preciousness of the pristine wild horse.
    The fight must continue for the unique wild horse!
    Thank you, Craig Downer.

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