Australia considers the live export of horses and donkeys for slaughter

AUSTRALIA (Horse Slaughter) — The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources have indicated they are fielding inquiries from exporters seeking to ship horses and donkeys from Australia for slaughter in overseas markets.

The issue was raised in response to questions posed by Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch at recent Senate meetings.

In response to the Senator’s question DAWR staff confirmed they are preparing advice for the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources to consider extending the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System to include horses and donkeys.

Dr. Narelle Clegg, DAWR assistant secretary regarding animal exports, stated that ESCAS applies only to livestock so the live export of horses and donkeys could not currently be controlled by ESCAS.

Dr. Clegg indicated that they had received inquiries only and that no formal application has been made.

The DAWR is not aware of any live export of horses and donkeys from Australia for the purposes of slaughter.

11 thoughts on “Australia considers the live export of horses and donkeys for slaughter”

  1. How anyone can be cruel or eat a beautiful horse is way beyond my comprehension . I just do NOT get it. They are majestic and caring animals that should be loved and respected !!!! It should be so illegal to slaughter them or ship them anywhere for this inhumane thing to happen. Greed for the all mighty dollar does it every time. People will sell there own for money. So sad and disgusting!!!!


  2. This better not happen but if it does, i foresee a public outcry here in Australia. Animals Australia has carried out incredible investigative work of the abhorrent inhumane slaughtering of our cattle and sheep in countries such as Indonesia and Egypt. Nationwide exposure of our animals being cruelly tortured and killed has been shown on ABC television a number of times – the first of which shocked and angered Australians. The then federal government bravely suspended the live export trade but the cattle farmers protested and filed law suits for loss of income, etc. Our deputy prime minister is a bloke called Barnaby Joyce (Liberal) he is also our federal Minister of Agriculture and he has a cattle farming background. He doesn’t have a problem with live export. When our NSW state Premier, Michael Baird (Liberal) announced that greyhound racing was to be banned his colleagues in the Liberal party disagreed – there was pressure from Joyce and his mates as well as a powerful shock jock, Alan Jones (radio) and his mates. The inquiry into the greyhound industry, headed by a former respected Supreme Court judge, took about 15 months to complete, they were thorough. The damning evidence of unacceptable animal cruelty in the industry was indisputable – our Premier was shocked and said the greyhound industry could not be reformed and had to be banned. Several months later, our Premier did a backflip which outraged the public. Joyce, Jones and their mates forced his hand. I have reservations about Dr Narelle Clegg doing the right thing because she states the DAWR has received inquiries with no applications yet, but, she fails to declare that the DAWR would reject this terrible proposal. And of course Barnaby Joyce would give it the green light and he’s the boss in this Department. We have two abattoirs here, Peterborough in South Australia and Caboolture in Queensland (where my daughter rescued a beautiful looking perfectly healthy racehorse fresh off the track) where they slaughter horses for human consumption and exported to Europe. At least one (or probably both) of these abattoirs are owned by a Belgium company. I’ve lost faith in politicians, most are self-serving and have their own agendas and do very little to meet communities’ expectations, especially when it comes to animal welfare. Australia’s wealthiest woman (a mining magnate) recently purchased the historically famous Kidman empire with vast holdings of land running cattle. Her business partner in this purchase is a China company and we feared that they would join in in the live export trade. Currently there’s talk that they will slaughter here and ship the processed meat to China. Time will tell.

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  3. Live Horse Shipments here in Canada to Japan are horrendously cruel and inhumane. To be without food water or rest with extremely long transport times in illegal sized wood crates is absolutely against moral and ethical reasoning. i DO NOT allow this to happen to any EQUIDS. If a country wants to raise horses for consumption or Beauty products……Do it in their own country ! STOP This please. #BANLIVETRANSPORT

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