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Buck Brannaman. Google search result. Unattributed image.
Buck Brannaman. Google search result. Unattributed image.

ABOUT HORSES — Get “Buck” the movie. “Buck”, a richly textured and visually stunning film, follows Buck Brannaman from his abusive childhood to his phenomenally successful approach to horses.

The movie “Buck” will teach you so much about horses, even if you already know a lot about them. For people who love horses but have never had one, it will reveal the inner workings of the equine mind and demonstrate their incredible sensitivities.

Most importantly you will learn how to interact with horses in a kind and confident manner.

Every advocate should see the movie “Buck” because of the unique insights it gives about what is abusive to a horse, how our behavior impacts a horse’s behavior, then how to better it no matter who you are and how long you’ve been around them.

Buck the movie, cover.

Buy it, stream it, check it out from your local Library. We saw it recently at Walmart. Please get it and watch it. Gift it. You will always be happy you did.

Stream it on Amazon — $3.99.

Buy it at Amazon — On sale for $9.98.

Get it on Blu-Ray  — On sale for $10.99.

Prices at time of posting.

7 thoughts on “Get Buck”

  1. I saw it and I loved it! It was an emotional story and it even made my mom cry. Hopefully, enough people will watch it and come to the conclusion that doing the right thing ALWAYS pays off. :)


  2. Let me start by saying that I love your blog and everything you do to help horses (and all animals by promoting veganism). I share your posts and save them to read again. I also am aware of the shady reporting (to say the least) by The Daily News.

    I have to check, but I believe I may have a copy of FARAWAY HORSES. This is the supposed excerpt from the book that has been used by pro-industry advocates (copied and pasted from Bedlam Farm Journal which I came across in my search to try to find where Mr. Brannaman has refuted or clarified his stance on the city carriage horses): “…he has given his opinion about the carriage horses, it is in his book “Faraway Horses,” where he recounts a visit to New York City.


    “Next on my schedule were a couple of young women from MTV and Rolling Stone magazine. One of them asked, “What about those poor horses in Central Park? Don’t you think it’s awful how they have to pull those heavy carriages all day?”

    “I had an answer for that question “No, I don’t,” I said, then explained that the Central Park horses are content. Pulling carriages on rubber-rimmed wheels on paved streets is a low-stress job, and the horses are calm and relaxed, not anxiously laying their ears back or wringing their tails. Plus, these horses get lots of attention and affection from passerby. And horses love attention and affection as much as we do.”

    I honestly don’t know how else to interpret that, nor have I been able to find anything anywhere on the internet where Mr, Brannaman is suing for false reporting or denies having said this. I so want to believe that Buck Brannaman does not support the use of carriage horses in crowded cities. If you have more information on this or there is something I am misunderstanding that you can help to clarify for me as well as other readers who are baffled by what appears to be a condoning of the industry, please share. In the meantime, I will see if I can find the book and the quote.

    – TAVE

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    1. I am not disputing he said it or something like it. I remember the occasion. But I wasn’t impressed negatively then and I am not now, because I understand New York!

      In saying that, I will use myself as a prime example of how Mr. Brannaman could have made the remarks he did.

      I would probably have agreed with him at the time. Who me, an advocate and founder of a horse protection organization? How can that be? Here’s how.

      When I lived in Manhattan I used to see the carriage horses lined up around Central Park. People loved them. Most people never see a horse in “real life” any longer. It was such a treat for them especially children to be that close and interact with horses for the first and probably only time in their lives.

      As Brannaman said, they seemed “content”, were friendly, loving attention. Some “napped” while waiting to move up the line. People not understanding horses said they were bored when they were simply asleep. It was probably the ones not asleep who were bored.

      Here’s a picture I took in 2010. The sweet one peeking around to look at me taking this picture eventually got part way up on the sidewalk so I could pet her which her “driver” allowed me to do.

      Carriage horses. New York City. Vivian Grant Farrell. 2010.

      What I did not see, what the casual tourist and even a lot of New Yorkers do not see, and Mr. Brannaman did not see, is the squalid and unnatural conditions these horses are made to live in. It is depressing and can lead to a whole host of health problems. There is no way Mr. Brannaman would have condoned that. Or this.

      The other is what they endure going to and from “work” where many get spooked. Having lived in that area I too thought that they only went around the Park, were never exposed to heavy traffic on foot, but were transported in and out like the Police Horses are. How very naive of me.

      You must also bear in mind why Brannaman was in New York. He is not a city person. He is a frontier man. He was in Manhattan promoting the movie “Buck” I believe. I don’t remember now. But he was making the usual publicity rounds and the carriage horse folks saw a prime opportunity to take advantage of him.

      Had he gone on the whole tour and seen everything, especially the living conditions, and not simply the carriage horses benignly standing on line waiting to take tourists around the Park, and back home again via peaceable means, there is no way he would have condoned this sickening and abusive business.

      Of course we have learned over the years that there is no way to make horse drawn carriages safe for the horses or the public in a busy city environment as witnessed by the constant spooking, “tripping and falling” around the country jeopardizing both horses and passengers.

      In my view it would be out of character for Brannaman a gentle soul — who was abused himself by a fiercely brutal father — to condone anything abusive to horses.

      — V.G. Farrell, Editor.

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    2. Thank you for taking the time to elaborate on this. I’m glad you did, as I’m sure others have been confused as to why Mr. Brannaman made that statement. What you said makes sense; I’m sure he was only shown what the industry wanted him to see and had no idea at the time how his words would be used, and by whom. Thanks again for the explanation and for working tirelessly to help horses.

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    1. Yes, we know. However, this is misleading reporting and there is a big backstory to it. The New York Daily News has a lot to answer for including being extremely economical with the truth during the whole carriage horse saga. They supported the carriage horse industry and the unions and had a lot to do with how that whole situation played out.

      No one who knows the slightest thing about horses could call a carriage horse worked in a city environment content including Buck if he actually said it.

      I grew up with horses from the crib and this is an excellent movie. But please by all means decide for yourself!

      — V.G. Farrell, Editor.

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