Join the Horse on the Hill™ Gang

Join The Horse Fund's Horse on the Hill™
Join The Horse Fund’s Horse on the Hill™

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Horse Slaughter) — The Horse on the Hill™ was created by the Int’l Fund for Horses in 2005 to raise awareness in the nation’s capitol and lobby on equine related legislation.

The Horse on the Hill™ established itself just two years later as legislative experts concerning equine matters successfully influencing federal lawmakers through powerful grassroots lobbying [1] in 2007.

To promote this work The Horse on the Hill™ set up a recognized giving program called the Horse on the Hill™ Gang.

The Horse on the Hill™ Gang is a group of supporters who contribute their time and donation dollars lobbying for the passage of needed equine protection laws and defeating anti-equine legislation.

Today our Horse on the Hill™ Gang is still the single most influential grassroots voices for horses in the halls of Congress.

For the past ten years we have been going diligently about our work with your support.

However, the stakes have never been as high as they are right now. Yes, we employ professional lobbyists now also. But believe us, we need you more than ever. Our nation’s horses need you more than ever. It is your particular voice that is so necessary.

Will you join us and continue to help with us with this critical work during these unpredictable and dangerous times for horses?

Recognized giving options online range from $25.00 to $500.00.

Your name will appear as a member of the Horse on the Hill™ Gang under your level of giving on our website.

Campaigner $25.00
Legislative Aide $50.00
Legislative Director $100.00
Representative $250.00
Legislative Aide $500.00

See more levels and current Members »

We track your donations and move you to the next level of recognition as you reach it. Make a donation online now.

Thank you everyone helping to rid our horses of the threat of slaughter, soring, horse race doping abuses and freeing our wild horses and burros from ritual bureaucratic mismanagement, cruelty and murder.

“Activism begins with you. Democracy begins with you.
Get out there. Get active! Tag, you’re it”.

[1] Grassroots lobbying is an approach that separates itself from direct lobbying through the act of asking the general public to contact legislators and government officials concerning the issue at hand, as opposed to conveying the message to the legislators directly.

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  1. We do not eat horses, dogs and cats the illegal that are here are trying to change our culture. I say no equines being slaughtered .save our horses please. Make the calls please


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