Carriage horse collapses and is blamed for upsetting the people who jeopardized his life

ONE GREEN PLANET (Carriage Horses) — You know we live in a sad world when the story of a horse collapsing from exhaustion makes someone else the victim. The Daily Mail story on this carriage horse says the following: “A bride and groom’s special day took a tragic turn when the horse pulling their ornate wedding carriage collapsed with heat exhaustion.” That’s right folks, the bride and the groom faced the tragic circumstances because the animal they forced to drive them around fell down. It must have been awful for them not being able to be driven uphill by a horse.

This story isn’t about smearing the bride and groom. This story is about the bigger issue of carriage horses who are treated as inanimate objects as opposed to animals that live, feel, and breathe. This horse was pulling approximately 800 pounds, uphill, on a blazing, hot day in Italy. The poor animal eventually collapsed in the street, unable to pull the weight any longer. For more go here »


YouTube video removed.

The Horse Fund does not want to hear any more apologists concerning the carriage horse trade. It is time — past time — to put a total stop to it. If that’s too radical for some, oh well. So be it. —Editor.

5 thoughts on “Carriage horse collapses and is blamed for upsetting the people who jeopardized his life”

  1. What has happened with common sense? Why would anyone think it is ok to force an animal on a hot day to do this? Between lack of common sense and and lack moral ground of what we put animals through (and I’m talking all animals), it is amazing God hasn’t just done away with the human race.

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  2. Some members of the human species sicken me.
    I sure hope the bride got some manure on her dress.
    Whether carriage horses or racehorses they are all exploited for profit and most end up dying on the slaughterhouse floor.
    The owners should be charged with animal cruelty, and this business should all be gone by now.
    Poor horse.
    How about we make the owner of the carriage company, the bride, and the groom pull 700 pounds in this heat?
    See how they like it.

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  3. This poor horse. It seemed to me that nobody was making an effort to comfort the horse. No effort was made to get all that gear off him or cool him down.
    When are people going to wake up to the fact that carriage horses are used and abused purely to make money. Cruel, sickening, unethical and utterly unnecessary.

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