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Welcome to 2018

Hello and welcome to another year at Tuesday’s Horse.

We have a lot planned for 2018. Some old. Some new.

As we gear up to roll out those changes let us know what you would like to see, what you would like us to do more of, or less of. Anything. Everything. Regarding horse protection and welfare issues.

Your feedback is important to us. Email us at or leave us a message in comments.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to 2018”

  1. Report abuse neglect broke. EU rules etc at Bowery I. Alberta. Bring them down brick by brick. They should be charged for 40 years of torture neglect and profiting from the cruelty of there slaughter plant operations. Flights to Japan of our beautiful big giant horses has to end. CFIA and Equine Canada exposed for undercover dealings in transport and killing mares and there foals while on route to Quebec. They killed the made and her baby for no reason. This brutality is better then the goings on in Mexico cartel. Its degrates our country. Horse welfare alliance makes codes not laws to protect horses they are part of the problem that contribute to the goings on with profiting from death of horses at all costs to the horses and pocketing money.

    Its got to stop.

    Vicki Grimard

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  2. Too many issues going on with all horses.. But it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to protect the wild horses & burros from Trump’s budget cuts.. They deserve to live in peace on their OWN LAND! Thanks for caring!

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    1. Agree. We have taken a very close look at this. Again!

      There are numerous groups devoted specifically to the preservation and protection of America’s wild horses, and many animal advocacy groups of all shapes and sizes helping too.

      It is going to take us as a nation to stop the murder and eradication of America’s wild horses.

      We must present a united front. This is not the time for spats and debates on who is right and wrong on the many issues they our wild horses and burros face.

      Surely we can all agree that we work relentlessly stop their slaughter and deal with any other issues later.

      Think about this. If our wild horses and burros are killed what issues would we be facing?

      Contact Congress every time you think about it. Contacting them once or twice is not going to get this done.

      Than you everyone for your ideas and passion! And taking non stop action.

      — Vivian


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