Pregnant horses and foal rescued from slaughter in Norfolk

Thoroughbreds from a Newmarket stud were rescued on the eve of being sent for slaughter

ENGLAND (BBC News) — Hillside Animal Sanctuary was asked to take the horses on Friday after their owner got into financial difficulties.

A spokeswoman for the sanctuary in Frettenham, near Norwich, said they were contacted by the owner after bailiffs moved in to foreclose on the failing Newmarket stud.

Bailiffs told the charity the animals were to be destroyed on the Saturday.


The horses being looked after by the sanctuary include pregnant mares and a three-month-old foal.

According to Wendy Valentine from Hillside Animal Sanctuary, their owner had already been evicted from the premises.

“Fortunately this is a happy ending for these horses,” she added.

She said the former stud owner was reluctant to comment further as he was hoping to resolve ongoing financial issues and move back into his house on the stud.

The sanctuary said it will cost £3,000 a year to feed and care for each of the horses.

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Kudos to the Bailiffs who found them a sanctuary before sending these horses to the horrors of the slaughterhouse. Newmarket, Suffolk is the headquarters of English horse racing.

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2 thoughts on “Pregnant horses and foal rescued from slaughter in Norfolk”

  1. At least the owner contacted the sanctuary. After all, he/she could’ve sent these innocent horses to slaughter, like many owners do especially in the horseracing industry.


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