Bizarre horse-drawn car(riage) in Ballyfermot sparks ire

This image of a bizarre horse-drawn “carriage” made up of a rusted out car pulled by a small horse has put the “ire” in Ireland for some folks.

Source: Irish Su
Story and Image Source: Irish Sun.

The Irish Sun reports:

The image was shared by Sean Fox on Facebook and his post has exploded with reactions from viewers, some of who were in complete disbelief at the sight.

Sean uploaded the picture yesterday afternoon and said: “F*** sake Ballyfermot for ya”.

The post has since gone viral, amassing close to 1,000 comments and over 2,300 shares so far.

Shocked Facebook users have commented in huge numbers in reaction to the mode of transport – with some crediting the creative driver.

Others were upset with the picture and questioned if it was a case of animal cruelty. Someone else said: “It’s beyond me how this level of animal cruelty is so amusing to people, I hope the DSPCA get involved.

Maybe we have lost our sense of humour. It is a bit comical at first sight. But we are not amused. Hopefully this was a one-off, soon to be forgotten and will not spark copycats.

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