Take action against horse slaughter in Washington

Fund Horse, US Flag and Capitol Dome. Vivian Grant Farrell.
Fund Horse, US Flag and Capitol Dome. Vivian Grant Farrell.

WE ASK YOU to please contact Congress in support of the SAFE Act — HR 113 and S 1706.

First, find out if your US Representative and both of your US Senators have co-sponsored these bills. Then take action!

Thank them if they have co-sponsored and ask them to do everything they can to help get the SAFE Act passed. If they have not, ask them to please do so right away.

Here are links to both the House and the Senate co-sponsors.

115th Congress (2017-2018)

US House of Representatives
SAFE Act HR 113 Co-Sponsors »

US Senate
SAFE Act S 1706 Co-Sponsors »

Don’t know who they are?

Locate your Member on-line:

US House of Representatives: www.house.gov
US Senate: www.senate.gov

OR another way to find your US Representative, enter your zip code (including +4) in the search function at: http://www.house.gov/writerep/

Tweet Against Horse Slaughter

Search for the Twitter handles of your US Representative and two US Senators. Example: @RepJohnYarmuth (who has co-sponsored by the way).

Tweet a thank you to the ones who have co-sponsored HR 113 and S 1706 and request they use their power to get it passed.

If they have not co-sponsored HR 113 and S 1706 tweet a request they co-sponsor it without delay — that it is highly important to you that a federal law banning horse slaughter is enacted.

Please use #safeact #hr113 #S1706 #horseslaughter and whatever else you wish.

Call Against Horse Slaughter

Prefer to call? Use the US Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Tips for Calling Members of Congress

  1. Don’t call “off the cuff”. Write something up and rehearse it a bit until you feel confident. Be sure to make the purpose of your call very clear, and state what it is you want them to do. Then relax and make the call.
  2. Give them your name and address (so they can identify you as a constituent or your call won’t count), your phone number and email address (especially if you want a response).
  3. To make sure they took your information down correctly, politely say, “Would you please read it back to me? This is such an important call to me.”
  4. Speak from the heart. Tell them why this is issue is so important and what you want your lawmaker to do.
  5. If you want a reply to your call, you must ask them for one. Otherwise they are not obligated. You might say something like, “Please have [insert name of lawmaker] reply by email telling me what action [he/she] will be taking on this issue”.

Email Against Horse Slaughter

Do you have an email relationship with your US Representative and US Senators? Please email them and say thank you for supporting a law against horse slaughter and ask them to please keep working to get it passed. If they have not co-sponsored the SAFE Act, ask them to do so right away!


Please make a donation, any amount, to support our lobbying work in Washington.

Peace Love Horses

Our renewed campaign for Peace Love Horses apparel at Bonfire.com ends September 28th.

Thank you everyone!


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