No Meat May

Ryan Alexander, the founder of No Meat May. Picture: John Appleyard

Join us for No Meat May founded by Australian and former meat head Ryan Alexander.

We have highlighted various campaigns like this before, our most popular ever being our very own Meat Out for Mustangs. 1000s of you pledged and kicked meat to the curb for an entire month, and never looked back, you felt so darn good. Hurrah! And many, as high as 88% of you, eventually took up the vegan lifestyle.

Where Should You Start?

No Meat May founder Ryan Alexander says:

Clean out your fridge of meat. Stock up on convenience foods such as veggie burgers. There have been awesome developments in plant-based protein so get prepared to be surprised.

Keep it close to your usual routine. If you like pizza, Vietnamese, or Lebanese food on a Friday, then stick with these but go for the veggie options.

Finally if you’re on a budget, throw in some fresh veg, spices and serve with baked potatoes, brown rice or whole-wheat pasta.”

Big Tip. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon here and there — just get back on it — whether you are trying a meatless diet for the first time, or giving up all animal products.

Guys sometimes complain that we aim a lot of what we write at women and not so much for men. We admit we hadn’t really thought about it. We all eat, right? But we get the drift.

Fast Food Breakfast

It seems a lot of you guys and gals eat fast food. That’s fine. There are a lot of major fast food restaurants who serve meat free options.

McDonalds seems to be at the top of most fast foodie lists for breakfast. Micky D offers all sorts of options that are meatless. And they will leave the meat off an Egg McMuffin if you happen to be hooked on those at the moment.

With 320 calories in a serving of 3 hotcakes, this falls on the higher end of breakfast calorie counts. Considering the presence of eggs and milk in these cakes, like the meatless Egg McMuffin, there is no strong ethical or environmental appeal. You might want to skip them and order a healthier breakfast option instead, such as the oatmeal or yogurt parfait.

The fruit may not be fresh, but you’re getting a healthier breakfast to start the day off strong. And the oatmeal is ethically produced with minimal environmental impacts. Oatmeal, even from McDonald’s, contains many nutrients such as fiber, protein, and iron that will boost your energy as you head off to work or school.

You get the picture!

Cook Your Own Breakfast

Over at “Hurry Up the Food” they have 18 vegetarian breakfast recipe ideas. Oh, a few of the 18 are vegan too.

• See 35 Amazing Vegan Breakfast Ideas at in case you want to go all the way (so to speak).

We will be back with more tips and ideas on how to make it a smashing success for you.

Not for Sissies

If you think meating out or going vegan is for sissies, take a look at this guy.

Vegan Boxer David Haye.
Vegan Boxer David Haye.

He’s not alone either. There’s all kinds of examples from sprinters to bodybuilders to racecar drivers to pro football players.

• See 10 NFL Players Who Refuse to Eat Meat (includes Tom Brady) at

• See also World Class Vegan Athletes —

• See also elite athletes who are vegan, and what made them switch —

Later gators! Patsy.

See more by Patsy here »

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