The Vegan Lunchbox

Hey there. I am not going to list any delicious recipes. I am giving you a bunch of delicious links instead. All about lunch.

You seem to have breakfast and dinner (or supper) solved. But lunch, not so much. Lots of these you can make at the weekend. And kid friendly too. Here we go!

• From Wallflower Kitchen @

Vegan Suschi in a Jar
Click image to visit Wallflower Kitchen for this mind blowing Vegan Sushi in a Jar recipe (No. 7).

• How about this fun list from PeTA. 15 Minutes or Less. I’m in! @

• A Couple Cooks @

• Ambitious Kitchen @

• Vegan Heaven @

• Taste of Home (there’s 60, no kidding) @

• Eating Well @

• Eluxe Magazine (28 packable ideas) @

• Minimalist Baker. Can’t leave without mentioning Minimalist Baker. These are for kids but heck anybody would love these. See @

How about some No-Bake Peanut Butter & Jelly Energy Bites?

No-Bake Peanut Butter & Jelly Energy Bites by Minimalist Baker. Click to visit recipe.

• Oh, and our dear friend Vegan Richa @

You gotta try these from Vegan Richa @ And these @

That ought to keep you going for awhile. Please feel free to share link ideas in comments. Questions? Let me know.

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4 thoughts on “The Vegan Lunchbox”

  1. Some favorites from the Lunenburg Market! 😍 fresh book choy and asparagus, vegan coconut kefir, Nourished – Natural Self Care and energy balls from The Bicycle Lunchbox welcome to Thursday markets guys! So nice to see familiar faces there ☺️

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