Saturday’s runaway horse

Preakness stakes entry Bodexpress comes home alone. Picture: Complex.

The highlight of the Preakness for many was the horse who dumped his jockey at the gate and ran on his own.

Unlike all those (including announcers) who said he continued to “race” to the finish, we know better. This is a picture of a horse happily running freely, a rarity for a thoroughbred in training.

Racehorses in training are usually boxed up, exercised by a rider, then put back in their box. Occasionally, they might be taken for a handwalk. Or put in a pen or on a walker. But simply to gallop freely? Hardly ever — if ever — during their entire careers.

The rigors of training and what a racehorse is put through for most of their lives is totally unnatural both physically and mentally, but especially mentally.

His freedom of course didn’t last long.

Riderless Bodexpress’ moments of freedom are over too soon. Picture: Baltimore Sun.


Turns out Bodexpress is a not a Baffert trained horse. Such a shame. Doesn’t matter.

Read about Baffert here »

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