After 84 Years, Suffolk Downs Says Goodbye To Live Horse Racing

Suffolk Downs. Turf course. Chip Bott Photography.

Tori Bedford writing on May 20, 2019, for WGBH News in Boston reports:

Suffolk Downs is retiring horse racing — at least on this historic track, which is slated to be turned into apartments and retail shops.

Suffolk Downs has before faced shutdowns, changes in ownership, and a casino bid that ended in failure. [CEO Chip] Tuttle says this time, it’s for real.

And in the meantime, the races will continue through June, preparing for the final goodbye.

The track opened in 1935 after being built by Joseph A. Tomasello for a cost of $2 million. A number of famous horses raced at the track, including Seabiscuit, Whirlaway, Funny Cide, and Cigar.

Many horses have died at Suffolk Downs. And there are always more than are reported.

• To see a list of racehorses killed at Suffolk Downs and how they died, please see Horse Racing Wrongs here »

2 thoughts on “After 84 Years, Suffolk Downs Says Goodbye To Live Horse Racing”

  1. Horse racing and horse welfare are mutually exclusive. Suffolk Downs was always truthfully referred to as SUFFERING Downs. May all tracks continue their downward spiral. RIP to the poor horses who were maimed or died there or at eventually at a slaughter house when “retired”.

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    1. Thank you for your insight as always. No one at these tracks seem to have an ounce of remorse for the maimed and killed horses. It’s become business as usual. I hope these same connections are not able to start up a new track elsewhere in the area.


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