Population of endangered wild horse species on the rise in NW China

Przewalski's horse with her foal. /VCG Photo
Przewalski’s horse with her foal. /VCG Photo

CGTN Press Release | May 28, 2019

The population of Przewalski’s horse, the world’s last surviving wild horse subspecies, is growing at a nature reserve in northwest China’s Gansu Province, with numbers estimated to reach 40 by the end of 2019 after the breeding season in May.

Two foals were born on May 17 and 22 respectively in Gansu Anxi Extreme-arid Desert National Nature Reserve, while many more mares are pregnant.

The Przewalski’s horses were reintroduced to the reserve’s semi-wild environment in 2005. Three breeding groups and one male group have been formed.

Since then, the fertility rate of breeding mares has been maintained at around 60 percent, with the survival rate reaching 85 percent.

The population of Przewalski’s horse increased from 19 in 2016 to 37 at the end of May, and is expected to exceed 40 by the end of 2019.

Przewalski’s horses historically lived on grasslands that are now part of Mongolia and China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The species came to the verge of extinction in the 1960s due to over-hunting and a deteriorating environment. Its entire global population now stands at less than 2,000.

(Cover image via VCG.)

Source https://news.cgtn.com/news/189503-2/index.html

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