Vegan swan cake celebration

Crowned swan. Source: Candlelight Products UK.

Hello again to my Tuesday’s Horse peeps.

Just stopping by to drop off this sweet idea for a girl’s birthday.

It’s my baby’s 12th birthday coming up soon. So I am looking to do something extra special yet again. Look what I found.

Isn’t this cake totally amazing?

The trick would be to make it vegan. There’s no recipe. So I would definitely have my work cut out for me. But I love, love, love a challenge. I see it’s been “liked” by vegans on Instagram but maybe they’re hatching an idea to make one, like me.

If I fail? I have a back up plan. Which may actually be better than this plan. For sure easier. Much easier!

My husband said why didn’t I just create the cake without it being a real cake? A “dummy” cake. Then cook up all her fave vegan treats. And she can display her “cake” in her room for as long as she likes (or until one of the cats or the dog mess it up).

My husband is no “dummy”. Ha ha ha.

Better yet, why don’t I just buy her a swan she can display in her room. She’s got a Princess thing still going on. And it’s yes . . . pink!

So I think I am going to make her favourite vegan cupcakes instead and put these charming cupcake toppers on them. Throw around a lot of glitter.

Glittery crowned swan cupcake topper.
Glittery crowned swan cupcake topper.

She’s going to be overjoyed. And no, for those of you thinking it, she doesn’t read Tuesday’s Horse so I’m not giving anything away.

Thanks for following Tuesday’s Horse. And have a great weekend.

L♥Ve P@Sy

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