Boycott Santa Anita — Bet Elsewhere

Well, there it is. Our Twitter message.

Everyone on Twitter, please retweet this message. We are of course targeting the horse racing gambling fraternity. While gambling goes on at the racetrack the highest percentage of bets are placed online.

We are being as clever as we know how. Weigh in with your suggestions. But most of all, please retweet our message.

You can find us at

Thank you everyone.

2 thoughts on “Boycott Santa Anita — Bet Elsewhere”

  1. I will NOT – and I don’t even bet on the horses! However I do love horses and horse racing, and of course hate what’s going on at Santa Anita – but please give them credit for doing all they possibly can to stop these injuries and deaths. Getting rid of the “bad guys” in the sport is a good start, as well as finding out just how much fault is due to their current track and the over-use of medications. Would you rather they NOT try to find a solution?

    Maureen Davis in California ________________________________


    1. They are doing nothing to stop the injuries and deaths. It’s business as usual. They are simply running for cover. They are hardly alone. It’s just that the spotlight happens to be on Santa Anita.

      The time for a solution has long passed. The U.S. Thoroughbred racehorse is doomed to continue to breakdown and die. Please see

      See also Horse Racing Wrongs for the death counts from around the U.S.


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