Sweet things

Hey there, I have some really sweet things for you sweet things this week. I pulled them off Instagram, which you can easily view on your phone, and your laptop too!

My daughter eats this endlessly. It is yummy for sure.

Carrot cake baked oatmeal

Vegan Richa

Wait till you get a load of how quick and fun this is.

This is one of those hurry up I gotta have chocolate right now things and I don’t want it to take forever or make a big mess doing it.

Vegan Chocolate "Mug" Cake by The Vegan 8.
Vegan Chocolate “Mug” Cake by The Vegan 8.

Sometimes my daughter and I are watching T.V. together, and we both suddenly turn and look at each, burst out in one of those huge, ear to ear smiles, stare and go Mmmmmmmmm. That’s the cue. Then we jump up and run to the kitchen to make this.

Insta recipe coming up . . . ! Right here.

Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake

The Vegan 8

Up next! Some much needed decadence.

This is so sinful I am sure it will be in Hell behind thick glass where the residents can see it but not get at it ha, ha ha. They can only long for it.

Oreo Cupcake

Didn’t I tell ya?

Wacky Vegan Mixed Marriage and Child

Remember I told you I was going to talk about what it’s like to be in a mixed marriage where everybody has all sorts of ways they think is right to eat and cook, and what it’s like to try to live and let live with that. It is doable because we did it . . . um, are doing it.

I did start writing it up, but I was called at the last minute to do a course for work when someone suddenly dropped out and a space opened up for me.

But I have started it. It’s got some fun moments, to me anyway, but is serious too. Diet is everything. You gotta eat but what are you going to eat, and what difference does it makes? Depends on whose perspective you are looking out from, right?

I think you’ll like it.

Hugs P@tsy

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