BLM Nevada Holding Hearing on Vehicle Use in Wild Horse Mgmt

Wild horse helicopter roundup. National Geographic.
Wild horse helicopter roundup. National Geographic.

The BLM is seeking public input on the use of motorized vehicles and aircraft in wild horse management and monitoring on public lands in Nevada.


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will conduct a public hearing to discuss the use of motorized vehicles and aircraft in wild horse and burro monitoring and management on public lands in Nevada.

The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25, from 9 to 10 a.m. at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, Madrid Room, 9090 Alta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89145.

The purpose of the hearing, required by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, is to solicit public comment on the use of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to estimate wild horse or burro population size and the use of helicopters to gather and remove excess animals. The hearing will also consider the use of motorized vehicles to transport gathered wild horses or burros as well as to conduct field monitoring activities.

An additional proposal calls for the use of a helicopter to assist in gathering excess wild horses and burros in herd management areas and complexes throughout the state in 2020. The actual number of areas where gathers or population surveys will be conducted will depend on a number of factors, including funding. The hearing will also consider the use of motorized vehicles to transport gathered wild horses or burros as well as to conduct field monitoring activities.

If you cannot attend the hearing, you can mail written comments to:

BLM Southern Nevada District Office
Attention: Tabby Romero
4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89130.

Written comments must be received by close of business on June 25 to be considered.

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National Geographic image. Not filed with original Press Release.

15 thoughts on “BLM Nevada Holding Hearing on Vehicle Use in Wild Horse Mgmt”

  1. It terrifies horses to be chased by helicopters. Stop abusing horses by chasing them with helicopters! It is cruel and unusual punishment and the horses are on public lands and they are entitled to live on public lands in peace. Stop letting cattle ranchers use public lands to grase their privately owned cattle!


  2. Using “motorized vehicles ” is against the law according to the original 1971 Law that supposed to protect wild horses! It causes wild animals to panic, and injure themselves. But mainly there is NO “overpopulation” the ranchers and BLM made that up!! Leave our “Symbols of Freedom alone!!


  3. So you can harass and run them to death even more?
    No thanks!
    Leave our national wild icons alone do that our future generations can enjoy them!!


  4. I do not agree to have motorized vehicles chasing down these beautiful horses. This is their land and we need to leave them alone. There’s been enough removal already and no good plan of what to do with them after being caught. What a disgrace. The LEAST the BLM can do is not use helicopters and motor vehicles.


  5. Are they still using Catoor? Records show he’s a felon.
    2009 In 1992, Cattoor was indicted by a federal grand jury for hunting wild horses, aiding and abetting. Cattoor rounded up federally protected American mustangs, corralled them into pens and loaded them into trucks bound for a Texas slaughterhouse. He pled guilty to those charges. “Since that time we suspect that he has received at least $20,000,000,” says wild horse advocate, Julianne French. “And we know for sure, from the Federal Register website, that Cattoor has earned over $12,000,000 in the past nine years alone.” Yet they continue to use the jerk.


  6. The NAS study found no evidence of an over-population. All roundups need to stop.
    Chasing wild horses causes injuries and even deaths. Mares miscarry their foals even and foals are sometimes left behind to die.

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  7. Rules are needed and enforced. BLM is no different than the US Forest Service. Public Lands are the same. Too many uncontrolled Public Lands are being destroyed by uncaring people. Public Lands are not playgrounds. Not shooting ranges or sports trails.


  8. I’m absolutely opposed to using helicopters, motorized vehicles and fixed wire fencing to capture these horses. Imo the BLM is just hoping this these tactics will cause ALOT of horse fatalities and irreversible injuries. Had the BLM really wanted to solve this problem of so called over population, they would have accepted the Wild Horse Supporters offer to provide humane birth control to these herds.

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    1. What we can’t understand is why they persist in removing them, instead of simply just relocating them elsewhere. Anyone who has been out on these lands and surveiled them by plane — there are millions of acres. You can fly for big chunks of time and see no herds of any kind. It is very difficult to get across the immensity of it to someone who’s not seen it. We are baffled. And have never been able to get anyone on either side of the argument to give us an answer.

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      1. The way I see it BLM is cutting back on man power to patrol areas. Removing herds for privite livestock. Allowing private stock owners to police lands leased.

        There maybe a thing called BLM Ranger, but I’ve never heard of any that protect the Public Lands and Wild Mustangs. BLM makes money on leases not on Public Wild Mustangs. No Head Counts. No inventory or accounting of all Wild Mustangs.

        I’ve been told it’s hard to count moving livestock. But it’s hard to believe with all that Public Land, there are too many Wild Mustangs. Too many lies against the People’s Wild Mustangs. I’d fire the whole bunch, and hire those who care for Lands and the People’s Wild Mustangs, not some office pusher.

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  9. Ban the use of helicopters. They cause such panic among the horses that they often injure themselves.
    Use camera equipped drones to assess the state of the herd and to round them up if necessary. Have dirt bikes standing by if the drones cannot bring all the horses in.


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