Raffle Time — Get Your Ticket Here!

Vintage Fund for Horses ball cap.
Vintage Fund for Horses ball cap from 2004.

Hello there, and welcome back.

We are running a series of posts on H.R. 961The Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2019.

The purpose of the Act is, “To prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the United States”.  If successful, the resulting law will remove American horse meat from the marketplace, thereby eliminating horse slaughter and protecting the consumer.

We so appreciate how hard you are working, helping the Bill acquire the 290 cosponsors needed to bypass the Committees it’s been assigned to, and onto the House floor for a vote.

But we also need “boots on the ground” this Fall in D.C. That’s where we come in.

We will be doing direct lobbying in Washington D.C. starting late August through to the end of the year as well as keeping “an eye on the enemy”.  This Bill has bipartisan support. Still, those opposed to the end of horse slaughter can get pretty rough and up to some ugly stuff.

We are partially funded, but need a push to get us across the finish line. Will you help?

Instead of asking simply for a $5 donation, we decided to hold a raffle where a ticket costs $5 and you could win something cool and fun.

Raffle prizes include equine books, dvd’s, embroidered ballcaps (like the vintage Fund 4 Horses cap, in pristine condition, pictured above), tees and other assorted goodies.

We are holding the drawing June 30th, at 6 pm EST. So get your ticket now!

Buy Your Tickets with a Donation Here — $5 Apiece

Thank you everyone.


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