Ovariectomy experiments planned again for wild mares

Warm Springs Wild Horse. Photographer unknown.
Warm Springs Wild Horse. Photographer unknown.

The Cloud Foundation and other wild horse advocate groups are once again fighting to protect the Warm Springs mares from ovariectomy experiments. Yes again. Shocking and immoral.

An ovariectomy is just what the term sounds like — the surgical removal of ovaries.

Despite having been stopped time and time again through the legal actions of wild horse advocates, the BLM have again revived their abhorrent plan to carry out cruel experimentation on mares rounded up from the Warm Springs Herd Management Area (HMA).

Read the BLM Paper — Spay Feasibility and On-Range Outcomes (pdf) »

One difference under this revised plan is that veterinarians would not operate on pregnant mares. Oh, well — what a concession. The inhumane lack of consideration for these horses by the BLM is as unconscionable and it is predictable.

The public comment deadline expired June 12th. However, we must keep raising awareness and protesting this dangerous and despicable plan.

Social Media Shout Out

Everyone reading this is active somewhere on social media. Let’s make a fuss that can’t be ignored.

Please take to social media but especially on Twitter (tweet and RT) to continue raising awareness. These mares need us to take action and continue to take action.

Share your ideas here in comments, such as sample tweets. Also, please share your suggestions on how to use Instagram effectively.


Most of us have used #BLM for many years. Black Lives Matter are using it for their social media outreach which is ever increasing.

The BLM’s  wild horse and burro “program” has its own hashtag — #BLMWHB. That is probably our best bet, but want to hear from you. Share your hashtag ideas in comments too. Let’s be creative. We want to reach as many people as possible.

The Department of Interior is on Twitter @Interior. Use #DOI.

Cloud Report

For further information, please see The Cloud Foundation’s “BLM Resurrects Cruel Plan to Sterilize Wild Mares” »

Thank you Tuesday’s Horse-ers!

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