Vegan Lemon Cake

Basket of lemons. Free image.
Basket of lemons. Free image.

Hello again from Patsy.

I am trying to give you more recipes with easier to find ingredients. How about fewer ingredients too?

Cooking and eating vegan is so easy to do, but some of us — like me — get carried away and go for the, shall we say, more exotic side, of vegan cooking and baking. But that’s just me; I’ve always done it. Nothing to do with being vegan!

Here’s something super easy. And oh so delicious. This recipe! Mmmmmmm.


My daughter and I, (especially my daughter who wants to be a pastry chef — the first megastar vegan pastry chef with her own TV show no less) — love, love, love to bake.

We made this cake Sunday. It’s was posted by Let’s Cook Vegan (@letscookvegan) but the recipe comes from the fabulous Lara Delilah at VanillaCrunnch (@vanillacrunnch).

I love doing this embed thing from Instagram. Makes it so much easier for you to see. And you can view online; don’t need an Insta acct. Take a look at this!


See Lara Delilah’s Instagram page for decadent sweet vegan offerings @vanillacrunnch.

Who loves ya? We do! Be sure to leave your requests in comments.

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