H.R. 961 & S. 2006 — Idaho and Iowa

US Capitol Dome and Flag.
US Capitol Dome and Flag.

H.R. 961

Calling all you citizens and horse lovers of Idaho and Iowa.

Are you ready to take part on behalf of horses and help get them the necessary cosponsors to blast H.R. 961, The SAFE Act of 2019, out of Committee and onto the House Floor for debate and vote?

When The SAFE Act becomes law it will abolish the practice of slaughtering American horses for human consumption. Imagine the impact on the lives of our Quarter Horses (America’s Horse), Thoroughbreds and federally protected Wild Horses & Burros. There is so very much at stake.

Magic Number — 290

Here’s how we do it.

We need a minimum of 290 to take advantage of the Consensus Calendar Rule and move the Bill onto the House Floor for debate and vote.

As of this writing, H.R. 961 has 160 cosponsors. Hooray! It was 141 when we started.

Below are all U.S. Representatives for Idaho and Iowa. Those who have cosponsored are marked with a big YES.

If they have not cosponsored, you know what to do. Contact them and ask them to cosponsor H.R. 961 at their earliest opportunity.

For those new to the process, here’s a link that will take you through it right here on Tuesday’s Horse.


1st District: Russ Fulcher (R)
2nd District: Mike Simpson (R)


1st District: Abby Finkenauer (D)
2nd District: Dave Loebsack (D)
3rd District: Cindy Axne (D) — YES!
4th District: Steve King (R)

*  *  *  *  *

Take Action

Here’s our step-by-step guide right here on Tuesday’s Horse for supporting H.R. 961 and its companion bill in the U.S. Senate — S. 2006.

Please share far and wide. Thank you!

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