The Legislative Process (video)

Join The Horse Fund's Horse on the Hill.
Capitol Dome Fresco, Washington D.C. Can you spot the horses?

The Legislative Process

It can be very challenging yet rewarding to take part in the legislative process, working to shape and enact laws that are just and fair.

You do this every time you take part by contacting your federal legislators in Washington to sponsor or oppose bills pending before Congress.

Learn how it works so you can make it work to the benefit of our horses.


The Library Congress at has a series of videos explaining the legislative process. These videos are informative no matter what level of knowledge or experience you have.

Here’s the first in a nine part series.


We hope you will join us and take action on behalf of horses, giving them a strong and consistently well-informed voice in Washington.


H.R. 961 — The SAFE Act of 2019 (banning horse slaughter)
Goal: 290 Cosponsors. The U.S. House of Representatives currently has 435 Members.

S. 2006 — Companion Bill of H.R. 961

Instructions on How to Take Action »

Thank you!

H.R. stands for House Resolution.
S. stands for Senate.

2 thoughts on “The Legislative Process (video)”

  1. Be respectful but firm in your presentation against horse slaughter and don’t get discouraged. For whatever reason, some will not show much interest.


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